Thursday, March 16, 2006

3rd Anniversary of the Iraq War - Expanding the Debt/Death Limit

As we move close to the third anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, even experienced military experts like Lt. Gen. William E. Odom are calling it "the greatest strategic disaster in American history." With a new $92 billion war funding bill destined to breeze thru the House, the financial cost of the Iraq war to over $400 billion. The cost in human life is incalculable and with the planet of death and massive transformation, Pluto in exact Square to the Sun (vitality and purpose) tomorrow realization will finally
began to set in deeply.

Today, 3-16 was the second pass of a Jupiter in waning square to Neptune @ 18*39' of Scorpio and Aquarius. Not only does this aspect correlate to large amounts of rainfall and floods in different parts of the world but also signifies an irrational enthusiasm - a false optimism. Neptune has been called the planet of hysteria just as Jupiter links to euphoria and expansion.
In the sign Scorpio dealing with annihilation and transformation, Jupiter has increased the debt load for the US. Today we find out that the Senate voted Thursday to let the federal government add another $781 billion in debt to the nation's balance sheet. Borrowing limit is now close to $9 trillion.
Sabian Symbol for 19Scorpio = "An imp with curly hair and short horns holds up a magic mirror that mercilessly critical reflection of his morally squalid surroundings." Reflections of moral and social hypocrisy along with a parodies of a lifeless culture which has traded their soul for consumer goods is evident. Off the cliff we continue to sink into a deep, dark cavern.
Drama Unfolds a Tragedy - Pluto in Galactic Center
I have mentioned a few times before that Pluto, lord of death, enters the Galactic Center this month towards a station retrograde on March 29th Solar Eclipse marks the turning point. Many will perish around the world. We have all become the trancelike audience enumerated by the Sabian Symbol for 19* Neptune in Aquarius: "A rapt audience watches, as a great actor, rehearses the final scene of Macbeth. There is no set the audience can clearly visualize the burning castles in the background." Now is the time to use our imagination to undo the destructive passions and power lust inherent in a few over confident madmen who would rather devastate the world for sake of their beliefs.

View Progressed Chart for Iraq War Commencement to US Chart
As we look at the chart progressed for March 19, 2006 in comparison with the US Sibley chart, we see a Pluto-Saturn opposition on the 1st/7th house axis. Our physical condition as a nation has been heavily restricted by the alliances made in the middle east mainly Iraq. Looking closer it becomes apparent that with Mars, Chiron and Neptune transiting the 2nd house of supply and demand and GNP - our commerce and the debt we owe has been attacked, wounded and we are living in a world of illusion (Neptune). Sun and Mercury have progressed into militant Aries from
Pisces when the war started. Both our national identity (Sun) and means of communication-media (Mercury) are lost in the violent impulse to wage war merging with our living conditions (4th). By the end of May both Sun-Mercury will have conjuncted the N Node in Aries as Bush today reiterated the strike-first policy or the doctrine of preemption Highly aggressive! Highly Insane!

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