Sunday, April 06, 2014

Aries New Moon Sets it Off - Fury and Wonder Moving Toward a Blood Moon


Usually I describe (per this blog) the forces inherent in the New Moon or Full Moon the night or day before but with the March 30th. volatile lunation and upcoming  April 15th. Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse on April 15th. so much has happened that it is difficult to keep up. In other words depending on where you are located it was non-stop chaos on the day of this unique event  at least till the moon entered Taurus @ 10:20 PM PDT. The Sun-Moon-Uranus and even the partnership asteroid, Juno also transiting in the independent sign of the Ram acted as a stick of dynamite setting off the ongoing Cardinal Cross. Literally all four elements, Fire-Earth-Air and Water were in motion with dramatic upheaval also aligned with the Year of Horse. Per example the chart below set for the SF. Bay Area where Cancer is rising with Jupiter (relating to the big push for Obamacare enrollment Heading to 7 Million at the Deadline Ruler of this Cancer rising chart (located below) is the Moon near the Sun and Uranus at the top of the wheel and intercepted with Pisces, mutable water at Mid-Heaven reflecting lots of water/rain and stormy weather including lightening with Jupiter as the ancient ruler.

As  I indicated everything was  awakened amid  electric sparks are on the rise along with earthquakes. As SO News said today, nobody can tell you when the big one is coming. On my website and daily forecast for Sunday March 30, 2014: "Here we are at the New Moon in Aries and everything is accelerating, awakening, edgy and getting interesting... Speaking of awakening, it appears that it is not just the area near La Habra that is activated as a shallow 4.8 temblor set off a swarm of quakes East of West Yellowstone, Montana. Saturday our local star (astrologically exalted in Aries and nearing a meeting with Uranus) erupted with an intense X1-class solar flare from the magnetic canopy of sunspot AR2017 producing a rare magnetic crochet. This magnetic crochet created "a ripple in Earth's magnetic field caused by electrical currents flowing in air 60 km to 100 km above our heads." The solar flare occurred @ 17:52 UT. as Libra was rising and setting in motion the Grand Cardinal Cross even before the moon entered Aries yesterday. I went on to say that:  what may seem like arcane astronomical data for some but relates to an incredible series of stimuli starting today and growing stronger toward the first "blood moon" lunar eclipse on April 15th. then finishing up with a solar eclipse on April 28th/29th. when the Mars-Uranus explosive opposition is closely crossed by Jupiter-Pluto in a 180 degree angle - Chaos or Revelations foreshadowing? The next solar eclipse has Sun and Moon @ 9 degrees Taurus "A Christmas tree is decorated and shines in the darkness." A Sabian Symbol which marks not just a celebratory theme but something unmisktable will light up the sky and no matter how we prefer to focus on the externals." Back to the March 30th "Nova Lunation" which opened a gateway/portal to massive potent energies and occurred @ 10 degrees Aries: "A teacher gives new symbolic forms to traditional images." This highly enthusiastic yet headstrong, totally impulsive Aries will help us perceive things in a more leading edge or is it bleeding edge?light and to revitalize old ways of thinking. By the first week in April this revolutionary approach will be touted as a way to solve problems and embrace new inspirations. Suffice to say all of these forces of change will be substantial along with the loud, courageous and impetuous being met with counterattacks and antagonism. This is also a time when old and new rivalries can be ultra-fierce and sports fans will react per example last night's riotous behaviour after Arizona’s 63-64 overtime loss to Wisconsin in the West Region final.

 Breaking the March 30th. New Moon down astrologically to the hourly transits:  into the afternoon the Aries New Moon squared Jupiter in domestic Cancer @ 2:08 PM (translating the Sun/Uranus-Jupiter squares). Even though Moon-Jupiter aspects define a generally a pleasant time when news events will be over-rated. Not just with the New Moon but into April we need to evaluate everything with a critical eye and watch out for excess of all kinds including overeating. Mixed with the last transit is an unstable, yet exciting mood which peaks as Aries Moon conjuncts Uranus @ 3:45 PM. With all the Uranian transits anything can happen now and it probably will. Expect people to be more willing to take risks, become daredevils and rush into social experimentation and embrace novelty. Into the evening, we could be even more aroused as the Aries Moon squares Pluto in Capricorn @ 5:46 PM. Since Pluto is the higher octave of Mars (ruler of Aries) those passionate emotions could be off the charts stirring primal instincts like lust, jealousy and territoriality in a few folks but for most of us the desire to create change and get things cleaned-up will be more vigorous. Heading into March 31st. an even greater type of activation is building as the Moon-Mars are opposed adding tension along with the desire to accomplish everything all at once.

By April Fools Day,  the real game changers began... With the Iquique quake striking with a Mega 8.2 magnitude and shallow depth=20.1km (12.5mi) Quake struck @ 23:46:46 UTC or 8:46:46 PM LMT -5:00 All coastal regions of Chile to be evacuated. It didn't take long for strong after shocks be recorded recorded with preliminary magnitudes of 6.2 and then just two days later another dangerous tremor this time a a magnitude 7.7 quake hit 49km SW of Iquique, Chile Let's drill down with an Update from SO Observers on April 1, 2014 who wfere also monitoring a coronal hole situation:
Did this have a Spaceweather effect with the rare coronal hole. My astrological assessment of the 8.2 quake via a the chart below set for time of quake - 8:46:46 PM LMT at epicenter demonstrates highly potent volatile aspects:

Scorpio was rising @ 22 degrees near Saturn and Saturn was TSQ Pallas at the top of the chart in Leo and Venus in Aquarius at the bottom Fixed signs at all the angles with the ascendant opposing hygeia and the Moon in Taurus Mars the ancient ruler of this chart in Libra and in a stellium with Vesta-Ceres-N. Node in a dangerous opposition to S.Node/Juno/Sun and Uranus all in catalyzing Aries (Note that the red planet Mars is moving toward an opposition to the Sun (exact April 8th), when Mars, Earth, and the sun are arranged in a nearly-straight line. Oppositions of Mars happen every 26 months. Of a similar encounter in the 19th century, astronomer Percival Lowell wrote that "[Mars] blazes forth against the dark background of space with a splendor that outshines Sirius and rivals the giant Jupiter himself." On April 14th, Earth and Mars are at their minimum distance: 92 million km, the closest approach to earth. Modern Ruler of the chart Pluto (lord of destruction) continues to move toward the 5th. Waxing Square with Uranus Pluto also of course was in a tumultuous opposition with Jupiter, better known for material excess and economic instability also relates to quakes and intensified volcanic activity.

 SO News said on March 31st , nobody can tell you when the big one is coming. We do know that the mighty Yellowstone Caldera is not going to blow his stack for a at least a few years. Of course this won't stop the doomtards from stirring the magma. As astrologers we can tell you that people will be more reactive and super competitive like North and South Korea exchanging gunfire. In fact with the Moon-Mars opposition on this highly impulsive Aries-Libra axis we saw that "North Korea had fired off 500 rounds into southern territory and the South responded with 300 rounds." In this and other cases the moon/sun Aries energies were translating the powerful forces of the ongoing Grand Cardinal Cross. When we look at a chart for the April 14-15 eclipse will begin at 21:20 GMT with the moon full at @ 12:42 AM PDT we see that Sagittarius is rising and Mars currently retrograde sits at the Mid-Heaven opposing Mercury-Uranus near the IC (ground zero) where the dominant Juno-theSun and the S. Node all are on fire in Aries.

According to Sky and Telescope magazine, the three eclipses in the "tetrad" will be in October, April 2015 and September 2015. So according to Biblical Prophecy and numerous soothsayers we are moving into a time of tribulation: John Hagee, pastor and author of ‘Four Blood Moons: Something Is About to Change,’ cites Joel 2:31 as evidence, which says: "The sun will be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord come." My attitude is more what and see if these changes are a portent of something more edifying before we all into the trap of self-fulfilling prophecy. In my next report, I will discuss this Lunar Eclipse and the upcoming Solar Solar Eclipse on April 28th/29th.