Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Harvest Moon in March Illuminates the Sky Surrounded by Mystery


We are just one day from Sunday's Full Moon in Virgo and with Mercury ruler of this moon now Void of Course, we should expect severe weather changes to have significant impact on certain areas of the world. Since the moon is in a mutable, earth sign expect more news about the Haboob storms kicking up in the Southwestern USA. For a quick update on significant storms, listen to the latest from SO News.  Note too that Mercury is moving closer to Neptune adding to all kinds of mysterious circumstances. Or shall we say nefarious activities like the strong potential that MH370 was hijacked  and  last seen flying towards Pakistan OR Indian Ocean.  Currently  investigators search pilots' luxury homes
and reveal one had a home-made flight simulator

Back to the Full Moon which is exact March 16th. @ 10:08 PDT or 1:08 PM EDT.  Native Americans in the northern and eastern United States called this the  Full Sprouting Grass Moon connecting to the fertility of the contact with Jupiter in Cancer. The natives  designated this as the  Full Pink Moon associated with pink moss or wild ground phlox, one of the earliest widespread flowers of springtime. This lunation was called the  Egg Moon when they were nurtured to be hatched.  Among coastal tribes, this was known as  Full Fish Moon( relating directly to Sun in Pisces),  because this was the time that the shad swam upstream to spawn.

The Moon will be  full @ 26 degrees 01 minute Virgo with the Sabian Symbol for 27 degrees Virgo:"Aristocratic elderly ladies drinking tea in a wealthy home." which of course has different meanings including special privileges for the few. The Sun is @ 26 degrees 01 Pisces and the Sabian Symbol for 27 degrees Pisces: "The harvest moon illuminates the sky." This image reflects a time of celebrating and making the most of your achievements, reaping what you have sown and a time when things have reached fruition. This is also a time when some will neglect the tasks involved in harvesting because we may even misperceive  that the current abundance will continue. . Since Jupiter is rising in Cancer, lunatic behavior could increase significantly during this time.

 Taking a closer look at this  Full Moon over Washington, DC which has Jupiter (rules banking) rising in Cancer and opposing Pluto at the descendant which hints at open/foreign enemies increasing debt, elitist takeovers,along with recklessness and irrational optimism which could cause panic? Or is it the final exposure from the shadows of the banking families who rule the world?, wait a minute that has already happened for anyone paying attention...Yes both Pluto-Jupiter are TSQ Uranus, sitting at the top of the chart (intercepted) in explosive and militant Aries near Juno emphasizing confrontations/independence in partnerships. Of course Uranus in this position can indicate rebellion and revolution and with Venus (Aquarius) in the 8th. sextile Uranus besides protests, an incident revolving around currency is omnipresent. Uranus, at an angular position adds emphasis to the fact that this planet rules inventions, technology, electricity, high frequency communications, aeronautics and the Air Force...Obviously with the power of this TSQ and contact with Jupiter, new technologies will be in abundance to the point of excess. Not to mention that financial relations with other nations or groups, multinational or transnational corporations are ruled by the 8th House. Chart Below Shows this Full Moon over Washington, DC Notice that with Cancer rising, this chart's ruler the moon is posited near the IC which has multiple meanings and first or foremost signifies the people versus the government, and signifies the party not in power along with women in the public eye. This also represents the foundation or base of the society and its traditions along with the folk-soul of the nation. This domicle reflects nationalism and patriotism and also rules underground water supplies, and indicates the weather conditions In this chart the moon governs food and water supplies, or their lack since this is an important indicator of the natural resources of the nation currently.

In the chart above, a mystic rectangle is still strong with the S.Node in Taurus (overly comfortable) in a sextile to Mercury void in the last degrees of Aquarius relating to more than just weather with unexpected communications. Both of these oppose Pallas in Leo and Mars/Vesta in Libra. There is a Yod - finger of God formed with Pallas-Mars sextile and pointing at the Sun by Quincunx. This Yod puts a focus on details (Virgo) and the harvest process. While more details about the possible hijacking of the Malaysian Flight MH370 are coming out, we now have media elitists like Pisces Rupert Murdoch (born March 11, 1931) tweeting obsessively about 777's disappearance. My guess is that the vanishing of Malaysian Flight MH370 is a huge distraction for some major events which will transpire between tomorrow's Full Moon and the March 20th. Vernal Equinox.