Friday, April 19, 2013

Chaos Continues with Explosions, Floods and Attacks heading into the Lunar Eclipse


If you have observed, studied, analyzed, got gut and intuitive feelings about astrological transits you can still be totally shocked even non-plussed by the results of certain configurations. This last Aries New Moon which I wrote about in my last blog entry when I said: "the effects of this pre-eclipse lunation will ongoing for a while . We will probably not see a peak till the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on April 25th." Just this evening, things are no where peaking as aggression, attacks, ferocious action bursts of anger and sudden earth shifts. Per example, a second 7.0 magnitude quake since the last 7.8 mega-tremor almost wiped out an entire Pakistani town
 This quake which struck off Northern Japan did set off a tsunami warning but posed little risk so far.   Reports of a magnitude 7.2 earthquake off Japan in Kuril Islands. Without a doubt this entire region has become even beyond tectonically active with Earthquake swarm continuing under Miyake volcano at Japan’s Izu Islands

 In the Boston area which went on lock down per Saturn(Scorpio) opposing Venus (Taurus)  another berserk and chaotic scene this time at MIT where a police officer shot and killed. When I stated that the constant barrage of seemingly chaotic, extreme events would progress non-stop, it was based on the combination of cardinal squares, fixed stars and the totally unpredictable juggernaut of upheaval, Uranus-Pluto in a dangerous waxing square. Even as we move toward a new level of intensity with Mercury having entered Aries on April 13th. right after Pluto, the master of disaster, obsession and regeneration. In fact right after Mercury meets Uranus in the sign of the bold pioneer willing to go where no man has gone before, this cosmic messenger/planet of the winds and weather barometer will square Pluto for continued disruptions.

In the last New Moon set for DC, Mercury was rising in mutable, water sign Pisces and closely square Vesta in Gemini on the IC. This combination always leads to major communications difficulties along with potential for extreme weather. Like the flooding in Chicago where Chicago flooding: Expressways shut, flights grounded, schools closed In typical extreme cardinal cross fashion, we even had a Large sinkhole swallows three cars in Chicago. Talk about some epic destruction and wild last days scenarios right out of that old movie: 2012! One person was hospitalized after a sinkhole swallowed three cars in the South Deering neighborhood on the Southeast Side this morning.

Another continuing tragic story which appeared to dominate the news before the "infamous two suspects" where cited/spotted and released on photos and video. (Video/photos - images most obviously relates to Pisces and Neptune). The mainstream media continues to ramp up the terrorism meme and Boston is put on lockdown. The story I refer to was literally about fire in the sky as The Explosion Window Opened Wider with Sun-Mars in Aries On (April 17th) the Sun-Mars were exactly conjunct in Aries @ 5:20 PM PDT and 7:20 PM CDT. The explosion in West a small town North of Waco was reported at around 7:50 p.m.
Update today reveals Frantic search ongoing for neighbors and relatives after deadly Texas blast Asteroid Ceres now in Cancer relates to nurturing, rescue, caring was closely opposing Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld. From the story above in the NY Times Five to 15 people were killed and more than 160 people were being treated at area hospitals, As the family oriented Cancer Moon turned Void of Course @ 5:31 AM today, this was a tragic scene for neighbors and family members. As I said below in my chart analysis, Pluto the destroyer also relates to fertilizers and was in the when the explosion occurred. The third domicile astrologically deals with neighborhoods, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles besides communications. Another version of this event describes that thunderous force I have been alluding to since the Equinox when the Sun entered Aries to join Mars. 'Like a nuclear bomb': Fertilizer plant blast levels homes, kills 2 in Texas town Numerous Injuries Reported In West Fertilizer Plant Explosion This explosion was reported at around 7:50 p.m. in a frantic radio call from the scene of the fire at West Fertilizer at 1471 Jerry Mashek Dr. just off Interstate 35.
Before we visit the chart created for this explosion -
Once again Pluto relates to Fertilizers and was posited in the 3rd. house (neighbors, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles) opposing Ceres in Cancer (families). During this time period when rescue efforts are stifled with Mercury the communicator and representative of all forms of transportations is square Pluto, this is a time when America and the world will be looking at the flammability and true dangers of using chemical fertilizers to keep their lawns green and lush. We are talking about petro-chemical which keep factory farms running. A quick look at chart set for 7:50 PM CDT for West TX shows a Grand Cardinal Cross formed at the angles Any Grand Cardinal Cross is known for sudden explosions and one with Sun-Mars together in the sign of primal fire-Aries even more so... Ever since the April 10th Aries New Moon
when Sun-Moon-Venus-Mars were in a tight orb in chaotic Aries) Libra was rising @ 27 degrees opposing Sun-Mars in explosive Aries in the 7th house (enemies-warfare) along with the chart's ruler Venus now in Taurus near Pallas <(consider that Pallas (Taurus), Saturn (Scorpio) and Juno (Aquarius) have been locked in fixed TSQ adding power and longevity to these explosive events. At the top of the chart was the Moon in Cancer adding a TSQ with an opposition to Astraea at the bottom of the chart in Capricorn. Adding to this period of conflagrations, a second explosion was reported out of Oklahoma tonight! Crews on the Scene of an Explosion in NE OKC OKLAHOMA CITY -- Firefighters and emergency personnel are investigating after an explosion in NW Oklahoma City. The explosion occurred just before 9:30 Wednesday night at 812 N. Bryant. The Moon is transiting in a fixed fire sign Leo and Mars in the last karmic degrees of Aries will change signs on April 20th to set up an even more powerful 180 angle to Saturn in super-extreme Scorpio (exact April 30th.) we aren't finished by any stretch of the imagination. Yes a potent but partial Lunar Eclipse occurs on April 25th. on the axis of Scorpio/Taurus.  We will be entering a different level of intensity though. Watch out for some real volcanic activity both within and on top of the earth.