Friday, April 12, 2013

Epic Aries New Moon - Part Two: Solar Flares, Tornadoes, Fixed Stars and More


 I have been crowing about the awe-inspiring Aries New Moon for a while. Yes crows are related to Mars, the ruler of Aries and the point of planetary activation upon entering the sign of the Ram on March 12th., then meeting Uranus the shocker on March 22nd
and setting off some major dynamite charges as Mars made an exact Square to Pluto on March 26th Check my last blog entry: Here to follow. .  From what has transpired in the last few days and will continue to manifest,
the effects of this pre-eclipse lunation will ongoing for a while .
We will probably not see a peak till the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on April 25th.

  The Aries New Moon Came, Saw and Conquered as we feel the effects As I said on my website today: When we discuss any new moon especially one in the sign of the pioneer, Aries Aries is a fiery, pioneer, explorer, berserker, total activist and initiates new thunderous events, advanced technologies and big events involving the Fire, Light, Radiation, the Sun and everything involved with Solar Energy. Speaking of new technologies relating to Uranus, Sun/Mars/Venus all in Aries. Mars rules Aries and the Sun is exalted in Aries. So first these technologies involving Sun's power - first with fusion Researchers create 3Gbps LiFi network with LED bulbs One of the real biggie's today is With the Sun

Sun Unleashes Biggest Solar Flare of the Year Plus this Solar Flare coincided with an eruption of super-hot solar plasma known as a coronal mass ejection. The joint ESA/NASA Solar Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) captured this series of images of a coronal mass ejection (CME) on the morning of April 11, 2013 over the course of 11:48 p.m. EDT April 10, to 5:48 EDT April 11.
 Details here: The magnetic field of sunspot AR1719 erupted on April 11th at 0716 UT, producing an M6-class solar flare. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the explosion's extreme ultraviolet flash:  

Tornadoes and the New Moon Yesterday evening and this morning the ferocity of the dynamic Aries planets had built into a crescendo especially with Uranus the shocker in Aries edging closer to an exact square with Pluto (May 20th)/ Pluto the destroyer will station tomorrow on April 12th. @ 12:32 PM and will move retrograde in Capricorn. Pluto stations can be fiercely destructive. Plus Mercury (the planet related to winds of all kinds) now Void of Course in the later degrees of Pisces toward a conjunction with Uranus on April 20th. Mercury's transits relate to high winds, unusual weather and sudden, unexpected atmospheric conditions as Mercury heads into Aries on April 13th. In Kentucky - Mile-Wide Tornado Damage

Out of the St. Louis Area there were "Winds gusts up to 101 mph were reported in Sullivan, about 40 miles southwest of St. Louis. The roof was also blown off a school in Chesterfield, west of the city." top story this morning: Tornado hits near St. Louis as storm wallops Midwest

  Fixed Stars over London, UK set for April 10th. @ 9:35 AM UT First of all this is powerful chart in terms of planetary transits with defensive Cancer rising and chart ruler the moon at the top of the chart conjunct the Sun (leadership) and near Mars, impulsively reacting in Aries. The news continues to get more intense and divisive as North Korea Warns It Is on Brink of Nuclear War With South Korea. Just as disturbing with all those Aries planets and Pluto on the Descendant/7th house of open enemies comes the announcement that Iran vows to defend North Korea in any war with the U.S.UK to upgrade nuclear deterrent.

  Bellatrix the Warrior is rising with the Ascendant. Bellatrix is a pale yellow star in left shoulder or the Orion Constellation/the Hunter. Bellatrix, in myth was the Female Warrior, the Amazon Star. From a psychological perspective first: Bellatrix is about success thru the shadow. In other words the price of success involves facing our demons or shadow side. Per Robson more dualism: "Bellatrix is of the nature of Mars and Mercury gives great civil or military honor but danger of sudden dishonor, renown, wealth, eminent friends and liability to accidents causing blindness and ruin.

  The Heliacal Rising Star is Deneb Algedi the Law Giver or as Robson says "Judicial Point of the Goat". Deneb Algedi is found in the Sea Goat's/Capricorn's tail. Deneb Algedi was the Heliacal Rising star on the Last Full Moon - so we are talking about an ongoing legal, physical or metaphyical laws that govern the world. In fact Deneb Algedi was also the Heliacal Rising Star over the USA coast to coast on the last Full Moon in Libra. In fact per Robson, nature of Saturn and Jupiter; and, to Alvidas, of Uranus and Mercury in Aquarius in opposition to Saturn in Leo. It is said to cause beneficence and destructiveness, sorrow and happiness, and life and death.

  Regulus the Heliacal Setting Star for this New Moon over London was also the Setting star for the US on March 27th. Regulus, the heart of the Lion or Cor Leonis aentered Virgo back in 2012, marking a transitional age when reality is more malleable. Regulus is about an an unwavering belief in the correctness of one's position, or path. Regulus, the Lion's Heart implying courage was the leader of the Four Royal Stars of the ancient Persian monarchy, known as the Four Guardians of Heaven. Regulus is called the Watcher of the North and corresponds to Raphael The Healing Archangel. Regulus offers another mixed bag Since Regulus as the Setting Star for the last Ebertin saying: convey royal properties, noble mind, frankness, courage. Regulus is about facing your nemisis and obtaining great success but avoiding revenge. Robson speaks of Regulus in more dire tones: Saying that this powerful star can result in violence, destructiveness, military honor of short duration, with ultimate failure, imprisonment, violent death. Yet he also offers the positive side with success, high and lofty ideals and strength of spirit, and makes its natives magnanimous, grandly liberal, generous, ambitious, fond of power...

  Facies is also culminating as the Sun is rising. Remember that Fascies is the nebula in front of the Archer's face/Sagittarius. Facies is blamed for multiple accidents and broken limbs. A piercing focus to the point of ruthlessness, or prophetic vision Per Robson: Facies has the nature of the Sun and Mars, and causes blindness, defective sight (all nebula can cause blindness), sickness, accidents and a violent death. Another story from Wednesday's New Moon has a gruesome and literal cutting edge per Mars but also involving heroic actions where an Off-duty paramedic rescues man who sawed arms 

Fomalhaut is conjunct Neptune by aspect Fomalhaut is another of the Royal Stars and known as watcher of the South connected to the archangel Gabriel. Success thru noble deeds relates to Fomalhaut a reddish star in the mouth of the Southern Fish, Piscis Austrinus. This is a star relating to seduction by charisma and threatened by hubris. With Neptune, Fomalhaut can create the inspired artist or the deceiver. According to Robson: the combination of Neptune and Fomalhaut creates the qualities of being sharp, shrewd, self-seeking, analytical, having detective ability, along with many secret enemies. Going on we see a connection with secret affairs or government work, occult interests all relating to the illuminati. This star is also associated with 9th and 12th house affairs, gain through speculation, death of marriage partner, many narrow escapes, violent death through secret enemies. Another star on the angles is Alcyone which is rising as Saturn is Setting In paran with Saturn, there is the desire to re-shape the theological or political ideas of others - takeover and control being the keywords. Alycone which has the potential for ruthlessness and judgmental actions is connected to mystical abilities but at the same time harsh decrees. Alcyone known as "the Central One", is the main star and also the largest star of the Pleiades or Seven Sisters. According to Robson, Alcyone causes love, eminence, blindness from fevers, small pox, and accidents to the face. Alcyone with Saturn also relates to diseases including tumorous ailments, chronic sickness to family. In fact with the news of proliferating cases of H7N9 out of China and their accusations, there is a CDC Activation of Emergency Operations Center.

  Pluto stationing: The Crises or the Changes that Occur One more time Pluto which stations tomorrow Pluto is culminating when Sirius is on the Nadir - Pluto in this position has an ominous tie in with "Invasion or division of nations, or communities. In the chart above is at a dangerous angle on the 7th house. Last but not least Spica is culminating with Mars on the Nadir (the Stars of Our Prime) Spica found marking the Ear of Wheat shown in the constellation Virgo. Spica is thought of as a gift of brilliance and positive benefits. Per Robson Spica offers success, renown, riches, and a love of art and science along with unscrupulousness. With Mars, Spica has a more mixed reaction offering both good judgment and quick decision-making ability along with potential for violence in a dispute, rigid, and quite the fool in an argument.