Friday, June 29, 2012

Massive Full Moon in Capricorn - Look towards Tokyo!


Today, June 29th. everything seems to be coming to an apex point of intensity and chaos. Between now and the next Capricorn Full Moon on July 3rd @ 11:52 AM Pacific Time we are in a highly dangerous time. Sure the stock market is up reflecting news from the Eurozone and triggered by volatility of the Sun-Uranus square known as level one indicator (per Ray Merriman. These type of irrational rallies will be all too brief and sporadic Yes things are falling apart, unraveling in many areas  since the first passage of Uranus in square to Pluto on June 24th. This is just the beginning since there are six more passages to go in the next 33 months. In the process we are living in historic times filled with frenzy, vehemence (Saturn entering Scorpio in October) but also with rising up of consciousness once deceptions are brought to light. We are in a time in wild transformation like a Phoenix ready to reincarnate. Most of the current disruptions are in alignment with  the ongoing Uranus-Pluto waxing square in a TSQ to the Sun (vitality-identity) now in protective and dramatic Cancer making what we had hoped to be the last translation of light or energies to this powerful and explosive aspect.

 Starting on June 24, 2012, Uranus, the shocker made the first of seven squares to Pluto , the lord of transformation. Even with the propensity for denial these days with Neptune square Jupiter, we are in one of the most volatile and explosive time in history. Our current time period is comparable to   last time Uranus and Pluto squared each other in cardinals signs which was 1932-1934. Back then, Hitler seized power in Germany helped by the Reichstag fire, Japan invaded China, President Roosevelt declared a “bank holiday” to prevent banks from failing, an 8.1 magnitude quake struck Bihar, India resulting in 10, 700 deaths not to mention the the 1932 Atlantic Hurricane season which was one of the worst on record

Since March 2011, when Uranus entered independent, risk-taking Aries (3-11-20122) there has been major upheaval, revolution with the Arab Spring, the Occupy movement, Drug Wars in Mexico etc. Geological and technical disasters like the Fukishima disaster in Japan along with numerous oil spills and mass die offs of animals. This time of turbulence will continue into 2016. Speaking of Fukishima, where the mainstream media has been conspicuously silent, on June 28th this story appeared: Record radiation levels found at Fukushima… in basement of Reactor No. 1 As we head toward the Capricorn Full Moon on July 4, 2012 exactly @ 3:52 AM - 9:00 JST we see Cancer rising with a defensive, even hysterical Cancer Sun in he first house. Ruler of the chart, the Moon is conjunct Pluto in the 7th house of partnership and open enemies. With cardinal planets so strong, there is a tendency for over reaction as we see today with this news out of Tokyo. Up to 200,000 reported lining streets of Tokyo for protest (PHOTOS & VIDEOS) — Armored vehicles barricade PM’s residence — NYT Reporter: “See office workers, moms w/ small kids, seniors, Buddhist priests”

 Looking at the chart below, Mars which just entered Libra before the Full Moon is at an dangerous angle in the 4th house of ground zero. Uranus, the planet of eccentricity and shocking changes is positioned in the public house associated with Capricorn. Capricorn involves structure which can unexpectedly break down. Mars will change signs into Libra setting up an explosive Grand Cardinal Cross. In terms of accidents, earthquakes, volcanoes or lighting strikes Mars which has been in Virgo since Nov. 11, 2011, will oppose Uranus on this Full Moon (exact on July 18th). Mars opposing Uranus is a highly dangerous aspect known for accidents, sudden aggressive eruptions like a runaway train or runaway horses (N Node in Sagittarius). Mars has been like a giant elastic band or humungous bow string being pulled back and tweaked for months is now snapping back When a planet like the warrior Mars shifts signs and disharmonious aspect to an outer planet, everything else will follow suit. The first trigger is the Sun-Pluto exactly opposed today on June 29th. with the moon in Scorpio (Mars ancient ruler). In other words from June 29th. toward the Capricorn Full Moon on July 3rd. the dangers of a tectonic event triggering an event which is creates a Mega-Chernobyl type event are highly probable.

Now is the time for prayers and divine guidance to prevent a world-wide tragedy in Tokyo where epic evacuations may occur around this lunation. Tell everyone you know that this is a highly perilous time and to ask for help from God or whatever higher power they believe in.