Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What will happen after October 28, 2011 as the Ninth Wave Ends?


As mentioned on my website and many other places on the internet:
The last day of the last (9th) wave, lasts 17 Gregorian Calendar days ranging from 11th of October 2011 till the so-called end of the calendar on the October 28, 2011.
Per my website:
On October 11th the final phase of the Universal Underworld begins a period of culmination and fruition as the universal flower drops off and the fruits of the universal are mature.
Thus on October 11th, the 13th Heaven of the Unity Wave begans in synch with a powerful and explosive Aries Full Moon This period ends on October 28, 2011 and completes the 9th Wave
This is a time of uniting duality and polarities along with massive transformation.
The Aztec God Ometeotl, the dual God takes charge - Ometeolt/Omecihualt is a dual god both male and female, who was the creator of Cemanahuatl. Ometeotl's male aspect is Ometecutli, his/her female aspect is Omecihuatl.

This type of duality is on higher levels and today is represented by the occurrence of 10-10-11 & 10-11-11 transitions
The Mid-Point of this phase is on October 19th/20th aligned with the Last Qtr. Moon and Mercury in an opposition to Jupiter. Normally these are relatively light transits with benefics invovled but at the mid-point there will huge shifts of consciousness that we will be vibrating. During this period the major structural changes and transformations will continue are needed to rebirth our earth-society-cultures ala the 9th Wave.
A simple explantion is that our brains are being rewired to perceive unity, spherical and quantum realities.
During the days, everything is more creative and expressive as the Universal Underworld comes to a close on October 28, 2011.
But what will happen then?
To answer that question we can refer to Calleman's latest where the title gives a hint
The “End” of the Mayan calendar, Solar Flares and Earth Changes Yes we are aware of the
earth changes and solar flares continuing but what will it be like?
Well from an astrological standpoint all we can do is wildly speculate and look at
the last day. Below is a chart set for Mid-Night October 28, 2011 for Universal Time
in Greenwhich, UK. A quick look at the chart shows Fixed Signs on all the angles with Leo rising. The Sun @ 5 degrees Scorpio is at the IC is and ruler of the chart with this enduring Sabian: "A massive rocky shore resists the pounding of the sea." The Sun is also opposing Jupiter a Mid-Heaven. In fact
the Sun will move into the closest opposition to Jupiter in 222 years on the following day.
Mars is also rising with the ascendant @ 22 Leo - with this Sabian: A bareback rider in a circus displays their dangerous skill. Mars in this degree of Leo is about practiced performance, mastery and spiritual focus. Mars is also in a close TSQ to Venus with another spiritual sabian "Crowds coming down the mountain to listen to one inspired person.", This image conjures stories of Jesus and the sermon on the mount. It also speaks of a message that is so deep yet so so simple that everyone is inspired.
Remember that 22 degrees of all signs represents some form of mastery and since 11 + 11 = 22
it relates to the start of the 13th. Heaven.
Then we see that Mars also squares Moon and Mercury all in the intense sign of Scorpio. at the IC and to Neptune in the 7th retro. in Aquarius.
To top it off we have these crossed by Jupiter in Taurus at Mid-Heaven opposing the Sun in Scorpio - The Grand Cross is complete

Let's see how Calleman describes the ending of this cycle and how things will transpire: he sees three possible alternatives after the universe has attained its highest state: The first, and most dramatic alternative, is that all waves - as well as the tzolkin cycle - come to an end. An abrupt end to all future energetic regulation of our lives and actions and a sort of freedom shock. Life would be lived fully moment by moment...
He then proposes a second and third alternative:
The second alternative, which I am currently leaning towards, is that the waves end, after having accomplished their evolutionary purposes, but the tzolkin continues to provide some energetic background variation. living moment by moment without any waves directing our evolution, but a daily variation of tzolkin energies could prevent us from experiencing life as completely timeless.
The third alternative is that not only the tzolkin, but also the nine creation waves (Underworlds) continue indefinitely and the total of peaks and valleys not limited to thirteen. This would still mean that we would no longer be subordinated to directed processes going from seed to mature fruit