Sunday, October 09, 2011

Aries Full Moon, the 7th Day Begins and Chaos Renews


Lightning strikes on the erupting volcano.
The image above shows lightning striking on an erupting Anak "Krakatau" (Child Of Krakatoa)

Hunter's Moon Where the Hunters are the Prey.
We are only days away from the Next Full Moon and the start of the 7th and final day of the Universal Underworld. Traditionally for the Native Americans this October Full Moon was known
as the "Hunter's Moon." When October rolled around, the Algonquin tribes from New England to Lake Superior saw the leaves falling from trees, the deer fattened up , and realized it was time to start storing up food including meat for the long winter ahead. They were able to see into the fields which had been harvested by early October. Thus the hunters could easily see fox and other animals that come out to glean from the fallen grains in the field. This metaphor will hold true over next week as Ometeotl, the dual God takes charge - Ometeolt/Omecihualt is a dual god, male and female, who was the creator of Cemanahuatl. Ometeotl's male aspect is Ometecutli, his/her female aspect is Omecihuatl.

So far today (Oct. 9th) the long "Pisces Void of Course Moon " things have been anything but quiet. Upsets, upheavals, eruptions, mayhem and the fiercely independent are dominating the media. Mars the ruler of Tuesday's Moon is exceptionally strong transiting in Leo.
So whether we are at the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum or in Cairo Egypt - Riots over church attack in Egypt kill 19 , the natives are restless and ready to rumble.

Whether we examine a chart set for the Full Moon in Wahsington DC for 10:06 PM EDT on Tuesday October 11th. the impulsive, reactive energies of a Cardinal TSQ led by the Moon are evident.
In the DC. chart below the fiery Aries Moon @ 19 degrees is positioned in the 11th house
The 11th house rules not only legislative bodies like the Congress, Senate or the House of Commons but all collective groups or associations including the OWS. This incendiary Full Moon is opposing the Sun-Saturn (authorities-government) in the 5th house of speculative interests which linked to Stock Exchange. Note that Pluto (in the 7th where situations of overt aggression along with foreign relations, treaties and/or disputes are located). Also in Capricorn is the Queen of political activism Pallas (in the 8th relating to death, taxes and financial relations with other nations) I expect some major political explosions with even the issue of embarking on a course of martial law bantered about.
Fixed Grand Cross
Also as we examine this Full Moon chart we should make a serious note that a Fixed Grand Cross is forming during this next 18 day period of the 13th Heaven. It has been said that a Fixed Grand Cross is like a powerful locomotive going down the tracks. Slow to get started but when the steaming engine is rolling along with momentum, really difficult to stop. Now that Venus has moved into more sensual, obsessive and passionate Scorpio there are squares to Jupiter (Taurus), Mars of course in attention demanding Leo to Vesta in humanitarian Aquarius and a wide orb to Neptune.
Fixed Cross means an major emphasis on values and self worth as so many things are meeting points of resistance these days.

Stay tuned for the Next Report on the Fixed Stars governing this Aries Full Moon...