Sunday, May 30, 2010

Full Moon Remembrance & Revelations Oceans and Fire could mean War via Fixed Stars

Since the last Full Moon in Sagittarius on May 27th @ 7:07 PM EDT when Uranus finally changed signs into the Warrior Mars, the has STHF and everywhere else. Critical situations seemed to have erupted with ferocity from volcanoes to violence. Chaos
is now the new business as usual in many parts of the world.
Just today on May 31st as the cardinal Cappy Moon has been a mighty trigger for earth changes... and will enter Aquarius tonight @ 10:08 PM PDT for some real surprises. : Volcanic eruptions in Vanuatu and CNMI
A giant plume of volcanic ash is disrupting flights in the Pacific and threatening villagers in Vanuatu, echoing similar problems which caused air traffic chaos in Europe. Forecasters in New Zealand say the cloud, spewing from Vanuatu's Mount Yasur volcano, was about 18-hundred metres high, covering an area of about 200 square kilometres.

And in Central America
Tropical storm leaves more than 115 dead in Central America
Could this be Mirak and the Moon?
Hold on a minute It says in Fixed Stars and Judicial Astrology by George Noonan, 1990, p.14.] The constellation is indicative of events effecting large numbers of people, especially those events caused by major meteorological phenomena.

Menkar the open jaw of the Sea Monster is active relating to Jupiter in the last degree of Pisces an Void of Course a time when growth of all kinds reaches a peak or a set of limits. Jupiter changes signs on June 5th and enters Aries when we go from the torrential
maelstrom to the boiling sea.
BP's disaster reflects Menkar the killer of the Gulf.
Now that Neptune (God of the sea and earthquakes) has stationed retrograde, many of the qualities and events that were missed or purposely part of the entire deception will be

In terms of foreboding and looking back to a 1989 movie called the Abyss by James Cameron
appears to have new meaning as the BP catastrophe unleashes the Leviathan:
Video: Deleted Scenes from The Abyss

Plus from new info. with this thread title: OCEAN FLOOR RISING BY 13 FEET PER DAY HERE
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration which has a Tsunami station in event mode activated for Station 55023 - STB Coral Sea located at 14.803 S 153.585 E (14°48'9" S 153°35'6" E).

The tsunami station has been in event mode since the large quakes occurred in the area for several days now. This is triggered by the buoys’ anomalies of water column height above the sea floor.
If you do a data search for 2010 March 20th to 2010 April 13th you get this-

Over 100 meters or 328 feet less distance from buoy to sea floor in 24 days!

That’s 13 feet per day since the quakes.

As you will see from the waves on the line graph it matches the tide lines perfectly

Coral Sea tide chart -

Menkar is Mighty and Rising
When we look back on the momentous Full Moon in Sagittarius (May 27th)
and examine the Fixed Stars for DC @ 7:07 PM we immediately run into
oceanic symbolism.
Menkar, the Heliacal Rising Star for that time and place is a bright orange star in the open jaw of the Whale, or Sea Monster.
Looking below we see Mirfak found in the Constellation Perseus: Perseus undertook a mission to kill the Medusa. He was furnished with the sword, cap and wings of Mercury and the shield of Minerva. He killed the Medusa by cutting off her head and after wards killed the sea monster Cetus and then rescued and married Andromeda

Menkar per STAR ON ANGLES AT MOMENT is Rising 13 mins 37 secs before Sunrise -
The nihilist, or a person who goes with the flow
Per Robson when rising: Legacies and inheritances attended by much evil
Also per Robson: Menkar can causes disease, disgrace, ruin, injury from beasts, sickness, and loss of fortune.

More appropriately delving into:
Menkar - Rising 00 mins 17 secs before Sunrise -
The emergence or eruption of hidden or violent issues

The Heliacal Setting Star Zuben Eschamali - Setting 16 mins 16 secs before Sunrise -
Seeking to influence society from a position of power
Zubenelschemali, is a pale emerald star marking the Northern Scale of Libra.

Zuben Eschamali as Mars is Culminating orb 01 mins 48 secs -
A disciplined, and ambitious, individual
With Mars: High ambitions, success through energy, influential position, forceful writer and speaker. [Robson*, p.204.]

RISING - Stars of Your Youth and Impulse
Rukbat symbolizes the warrior, marksman
Rukbat from constellation Sagittarius (a star on the horse's knee or leg. as the Sun is On Nadir orb 00 mins 03 secs -
To be persistent in your aims, to be unswerving in your goals
"As for the Archer, when the foremost portion of his cloak rises, he will give birth to hearts renowned in war and will conduct the conqueror, celebrating great triumphs in the sight of all, to his country's citadels. Such a one will build high walls (moenia from Latin murus) one moment and pull them down the next. "

More stars involving war and domination

Mirfak in the constellation Perseus (Mirfak, is a star on the right side of the Champion) just as the Moon is Culminating orb 00 mins 03 secs -
Thrill seeker, the lover of a good fight or challenge
Hold on a minute - It says in Fixed Stars and Judicial Astrology, George Noonan, 1990, p.14.] The constellation is indicative of events effecting large numbers of people, especially those events caused by major meteorological phenomena.

Acumen as Venus is Setting orb 00 mins 52 secs -
An open cluster of stars above the sting of the Scorpion foreboding again
An activist, or an artist who works in unusual or unpopular mediums
Or a little more serious per Robson: Acumen is a companion cluster of star to Aculeus and of the same nature and influence. Influences of these two clusters: Of the nature of Mars and the Moon. It effects the eyesight and causes blindness of one or both eyes, if in conjunction with an afflicted luminary or in conjunction with a malefic that afflicts the luminaries. The opposition seems to be equally important.

Zuben Eschamali as Mars is Culminating orb 01 mins 48 secs -
A disciplined, and ambitious, individual
Aries Energies with Hamal
Hamal (Hamal, is a yellow star on the forehead of the Ram) while Venus is On Nadir orb 01 mins 59 secs -
To seek different ways of relating; to be creative in a unique way
Per Robson: Hamal with Venus: Handsome, quiet, envious, jealous, domestic trouble, ill-health to native or family.
Per Manilus: "When the Ram emerges above the surface of the waves (rising) and the curve of his neck appears before his horns, he will give birth to hearts that are never content with what is theirs; he will engender minds bent on plunder and will banish all sense of shame: such is their desire for venture."

CULMINATING - Stars of Your Prime
Antares (Heart of the Scorpion) as Moon is Culminating orb 01 mins 12 secs -
Emotional turmoil, willing to face drama
Watcher of the West one of the archangel stars: Oriel (Antares) Watcher of the West.
With Robson we might see a number of world leaders : Popular, broad-minded, interested in philosophy, science and metaphysics, liable to change religious opinions, influential friends, favorable for business and domestic matters, active in local affairs, great power, honor and wealth but benefits may not prove lasting, danger of violence, sickness, drowning or assassination."
He goes on to say: If in 1st or 10th houses, honor and preferment but many dangers and calamities - yes Antares is in the first house of the last Full Moon
Deneb Algedi as Mars is On Nadir orb 01 mins 37 secs -
(Deneb Algedi, is a star in the Sea Goat's tail. According to Robson (p.159) it is symbolically called the "Judicial Point of the Goat"._
To take the law into one’s own hands, for better or for worse
Per Robson: With Mars: Danger from enemies, accidents, honor and preferment but many quarrels and final disgrace, violent death.

SETTING - Stars of Your Latter Years
Alnilam as Sun is Setting orb 00 mins 06 secs -
Alnilam, is a brilliant white star occupying the central position in Orion's belt.
A person who builds bridges between ideas or people - sounds positve
let's explore per Robson: Alnilam with the Sun: Rash, headstrong, surly. If also culminating, military preferment and gain.
Alphecca as Venus is Rising orb 00 mins 19 secs -
Seeking strong social bonds, and being intolerant of superficial relationships - Curtailed passage

Another Watcher - The great "red giant", war-like Aldebaran is one of the four "Guardians of Heaven" - sentinels watching over other stars. It formed one of the four royal stars of Persia as "Watcher of the East".
Aldebaran as Sun is Setting orb 00 mins 48 secs -
Aldebaran, is a pale rose star marking the right eye of Taurus the Bull
Maintaining honour and integrity at all costs - Arising and lying hidden