Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Build up to the Sensational Sagittarius Full Moon as Neptune gives Way to Mars

Full Flower Moon Drowning in Oil, Scandals and Drugs

People are beginning to get an inkling that it is going from Worse to DOOM with the Oil Volcano in the Gulf. In true Jupiter-Uranus in Pisces style, I don't just mean oceans of oil but we are not just getting clear pictures of the horrific damage Also more video Live Feeds
from the ROV Monitoring the Damaged Riser
Too Much Video (Jupiter again spewing clouds of oil and gas. . Yes Pisces is about video, now ubiquitous and this PR Release from BP on May 25th - BP today confirmed that following detailed discussion with the National Incident Commander, Admiral Thad Allen, it will continue to provide live video feeds from the seabed throughout the planned 'top kill' procedure - the attempt to stop the flow from the damaged MC252
Top Kill to Be Delayed
Then from the background tonight: BP says "top kill" could happen later than Wednesday
and has been delayed reflecting Saturn TSQ Sun (Gemini)-Jupiter-Uranus
BP Plc (BP.L) will begin a process to plug a leaking undersea oil well on Wednesday at the earliest, but it could be delayed or even abandoned if tests show it would not work, a company executive said on Tuesday.

BP oil scandal continuing into the summer.
Pisces and Neptune are all about scandals, disgrace, resignation and in this case everything but the TV pundits shouting at each other. Yes Mars (Leo-performance) is opposing an idealistic, belief ridden Neptune in Aquarius.
We see Scorpio Carville from New Orleans, Louisiana harassing BP while throwing darts at the Gov. their heartless denial and lies No doubt the media is seizing on the Obama Katrina
image while fueling the direct culpability of BP in the Gulf Coast Oil Mess and its total incapacity or unwillingness to contain the oil blanketing the shoreline.
This is a million times worse than Katrina - listen to these scientists back on May 4th.

Oilpocalypse Now: Scientists 'Shudder To Think' Of Potential Devastation- listen to their hedging .

Holy Titten, we got it all in this tense buildup to Thurs.(May 27th) explosive Saggittarius Moon. Chart Above is Set for 7:07 PM in DC.
The Sun in communicative yet a gossip monger @ 6 degrees 32 minutes Gemini. When we look at the Sabian for 7 Degrees Gemini we are even drawn into the BP controversy especially
with Sun in Gemini square Saturn (ready to station right afer this lunation)
"An old man leans against a spreading tree by a well (WTF) Approached by a boy about a problem he spins out a story that relates to the boy's situation. " Jupiter is the story teller and in the last degrees of Pisces spins yarns like BP to keep the people pacified because they have opened up the gates to our demons . The well can also represent our own deep dark well of the subconscious where morbid fantasies shoot an inky smelly mess real 12th house stuff.

Gangsta Emergency in Jamaica

With the gangster damien of today's Scorpio Moon applying to a gunshot punctured
square with Mars in Leo. Moon-Mars can trigger violence between rivalries.
From today's Jamaican Star Help us, please! Where they are on the scene for another Drug War
which could be happening anywhere in the world. Raw Footage:
Jamaica Emergency: Video of police gun battles with 'Dudus' drug gangs
This drug induced violence is symptomatic of both Mars in overly dramatic Leo opposing Neptune in group oriented Aquarius where people are will to fore go reality and die for a cause. Most importantly this is the final lap of too much Pisces (Jupiter) and Shocking events inundated with drugs, oil, oceans just plain flooding as Saturn in Virgo/Virgin, the mutable nature sign of separates from a 5th
Drug-linked violence shakes Jamaica capital, 31 dead
As the Jamaican Starr reported back in 2006: A rift seems to have developed between two dons from west Kingston. The rift is reportedly between Christopher 'Dudus' Coke, the don from Tivoli Gardens and an area leader from Denham Town known as 'Cowboy'

If you are keeping track, which I suggest Mars (the warrior planet) won't leave
Fiery Hot Leo till June 6th @ 11:11 PM PDT!
Of course Uranus blasts off into Aries right after this Full Moon

The rift is reportedly between Christopher 'Dudus' Coke, the don from Tivoli Gardens and an area leader from Denham Town known as 'Cowboy'

what a setup for the Aries ingress of Urania at 9:48 PM just a couple of short hours after this conflagration/lunation in mutable Sagittarius. Then on Saturday, May 29th (2+9 = 11) the trigger orb, Luna enters cardinal Capricorn to square Aries as things get progressively disastrous.

Part Two - the fixed stars reveal a challenges and new activisim beyond tragedies.