Sunday, September 20, 2009

Saturn Square Pluto Ratchets up a Revolutionary Time

Just three days before the last New Moon in the sign Virgo, representing jobs, work, service day to day activities, Saturn and Uranus made an exact opposition for the third time
on this axis. The latest meme of the economy's health including job growth is meeting next week's G20 conference in PA of the Plutonic power brokers and financial mavens.
So with Uranus (revolution/mobs) opposing the Saturn enhanced Virgo Stellium, they are expecting protesters perhaps with the intensity of the WTO in Seattle.
from this recent article about beefing up security: The fear in the minds of residents, officials and security forces is that violent demonstrations such as those seen in 1999 in Seattle -- where protesters and riot police faced off for days, disrupting a meeting of the World Trade Organization -- will mar this week's G20 summit.
Uranus is a revolutionary sign when aspected even by inner planets like Mercury (Sept. 23rd) expect conflict of debate escalating into shouting and pushing now that Sun will be in a cardinal active position and square the symbol of the great leader and authority figure the same day (10:21 AM EDT)just about an hour before, the winged messenger explodes.

Pittsburgh protesters demand G20 do more for jobs
Leaders of 19 leading developed and developing economies and the European Union meet in the western Pennsylvania city on Thursday and Friday for a G20 meeting to discuss how to improve financial market reform to avoid another economic meltdown like the one that rocked the global economy a year ago.

Unquestionably it is about more than just jobs but being employed (Virgo) is key as opposed to anarchy in the streets! Other more pressing big financial crisis is the current dollar collapse which could even be timed with Saturn's (economic activity) ingress in Libra which is ruled by energies around currency and relationships - Venus. Shortly after the Taskmaster and Lord of Karma moves into the air sign Libra (balance-justice) we will have the first square to Pluto now in Capricorn on Nov. 15th. as in the chart below @ 9:42 AM EDT for DC. especially with the Virgo line up on Sept. 18th. (Pallas, Saturn, Sun, Moon, Mercury now joined by Venus in the sign of public health and more - Through its connection with health, the 6th House rules places serving food and drink, public health, clinics and health workers while the 12th House (Pisces) rules institutions of confinement like hospitals. quarantine, jails, prisons, FEMA get the picture. So here we have Mercury, we can call the standard, mundane ruler of Virgo while Chiron (now in collective Aquarius)the spiritual ruler of Virgo.
In the chart below for Saturn signifying Structural elements from roperty, the system of government, bureaucracy, economy, conservatism, ilaw, control.
Saturn by the Nov. 15th 2009 blow up is located in the 9th house connected to foreign relations and long distance travel. We could see some news about China and our assets. We even may see some new rulings from the courts and judges, the churches and clergy. Pluto is at the ascendant applying to an an exact conjunction of transformative power to say the least.
Pluto of course is the planet ruling the secret cabal, government, kingpins.
Perhaps this list of power words might help: Financial or political power, factions, big business, nuclear energy, mines; criminal detection, but under affliction the criminal underworld, death, catastrophes, dictators.

So getting back to public health, clinics and health workers, the vaccine for swine flu
we are noticing a disturbing amount of fear language mainly from the CDC, WHO, , Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services Office, The Pharmacats who want massive revenues $ generated from mandatory flu jabs. Having Mars ingress into Cancer on August 25th ramped up the language which corresponds to the Sign of the Crab the over emotional, hysterical sign Cancer. So while the LA fires raged Mercury in cardinal Libra was TSQ Mars-Pluto all in active signs. and this conflictive situation was triggering hot, fiery arguments along with flames. Now as the chart above shows Mars is in LEO in the 8th (danger-death) applying to oppositions with Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune all in volatile group sign, revolutionary Aquarius. ON this day Nov. 15th. the asteroid Hygeia is opposing Chiron the wounded healer.

Listen to Cliff High of Webots spin the doom around these new cycles of the coming Cardinal Climax - Saturn-Uranus-Pluto will all be in cardinal signs. Cliff calls it akin to the American and French Revolutions in the mid. 1700s during the Planetary Underworld (between AD 1755 and AD 1999).

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Philomena said...

Art -- Even more surreal is this new TV show called "V".

Here is the track from youtube.

It is as if "they" are mocking David Ickes or putting it in our faces with the trick of using the obvious truth to deceive or rattle the nerves of those who "see this as the objective reality that rationalizes EVIL".

What think you? Interesting Neptunian times to be either alive and conscious/aware or sleepwalking through the living nightmare on some damn good drugs.

CS AKA Philomena