Monday, September 21, 2009

President Zelaya Has Returned to Honduras to Restore Democracy

Joyous Return for Once Deposed Leader
as political Pallas/Saturn Opposes Uranus
The Field: Live Blog: President Zelaya Has Returned to Honduras

After my article yesterday anticipating revolutionary times around the world to accelerate, major news of ousted President Zelaya's return to his home in Honduras burns up the news wires. This is big stuff and the first website to report this news was the Honduran Campesino quote - Michelletti on Honduran national television…
Laughed when he heard the news Mel was in Honduras…
“Not True”…
“Manuel Zelaya is in a hotel suite in Managua”

The joke is on Roberto Micheletti (the Uranian trickster represented by Zelaya has the backing of the Brazilians).

The Facts The Field: Live Blog: President Zelaya Has Returned to Honduras
Latin America is on fire with this story since both Chavez of Venezuela and Lulu of Brazil
back Zelaya's return.
Ousted President Manuel Zelaya sneaked back into Honduras on Monday almost three months after he was toppled in a coup, and took refuge in the Brazilian embassy to avoid arrest by the de facto government.

Perhaps the real story behind this is Zelaya the man himself born September 20, 1952 and his penchant for justice. Sun @ 27 Virgo matching the current transits energized by the New Moon on September 18th. Most significant his is natal Libra Stellium of Moon-Saturn-Neptune-Venus-Vesta all in close orb in the sign of the scales. Manuel has Saturn-Neptune-Venus in close square to his natal Mars @ 18 Cancer which drives him back to his home country and place of birth. With Mars in Cancer, there is always some kind of sideways, defensive movement before going forward. The Fall Equinox tomorrow will began for Honduras @ 4:19 PM and by then we will see many leaders beginning to take sides as Zelaya is venerated as a hero by some and foolish poser by others.
His natal chart below set for 12 Noon on 9-20-1952 in in the town of Juticalpa in the province of Olancho.

For the chart below's outer wheel, I used the time of 12:08 PM LMT Tegucigalpa, Honduras.
The inner chart is set for June 28, 2009 @ 6:30 AM LMT (CST)right when Uranus began to station retrograde (June 30th).

The outer chart for Zelaya's return has Sun-Mercury-Saturn-Pallas close togehter at MidHeaven yet in the 9th house representing, Zelaya's journey making this a huge announcement for not only the loyal supporters of Zelaya but for the world. From Narco News we began to understand the power of this Virgo stellium in the 9th house of foreign relations: "The return of Zelaya has all the markings of a very well coordinated operation by the Honduran civil resistance and the member countries of the Organization of American States (OAS). The choice of Brazil's embassy - the Latin American country with the largest Air Force - pretty much guarantees that the coup regime can't possibly think it can violate the sovereignty of that space."

Pluto is sitting at the ascendant could augur the secrecy of his return and equally represent the growing power of Manuel Zelaya's notority and power per with the Sabian Symbol for 1 degree Capricorn: "An Indian chief claims power from the assembled tribe." Perhaps Pluto in this position in the sign of Capricorn represents the De Facto regime or Honduran authorities which have imposed a curfew after the dramatic return of ousted President Manuel Zelaya.
Uranus-Juno conjunction located in the 3rd. house signifies the neighboring nations which are backing Zelaya, diplomatic messages, rumors of course with Pisces, foreign affairs as connected to the 9th house. Aries is on the 4th house cusp to enhance the independent nature and cardinal energy of this event.

Digging in deeper ala today's intense, passionate Scorpio Moon applying to a trine to Mars crossing the asscendant of the chart for the original coup. Mars is the ancient ruler of Scorpio and connects to the IC at Aries of today's return chart pushing energies of action, initiative, and decisive meetings to restore democracy.

The chart above with the N Node transiting the 7th house in Capricorn could represent the US and other powers in N America as tension inside Honduras will increase with Sun ingress into Libra tomorrow moving toward a square with Pluto. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Mr Zelaya's return must not lead to violence as if she (Ms. Clinton with Scorpio Sun-Mercury-Venus square Mars-Pluto in Leo things that she actually holds the cards in this game.) She called for "a dialogue" between Mr Zelaya and the de facto government. Now that Mercury is retrograde and applying to volatile opposition with Uranus on September 23rd the same day Pluto Squares the Sun (leadership) we may see violence.

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