Thursday, July 09, 2009

Scandals, lies and deception - will it end with the 2nd passge of Neptune/Jupiter?

Since the New Moon in Cancer with esoteric Neptune taking charge much of the news has involved clouds filled with scandals, deception and lies. Now as we
approach the second passage of Neptune and Jupiter in exact conjunction on 5:08 AM EDT and 2:08 AM EDT, a fog or is it a mist seems to have descended on reality. Both planets now retrograde have seemed to accent denial along with an acute sensitivity. Everyday a new sex scandal or active deception is uncovered. Just a few weeks ago it was Governor Mark Sanford who was the poster boy for hypocrisy (a true Neptune-Jupiter fault) since he had criticized Clinton back in the day. Of course our media which is bought and paid for wants to make all of this about Republicans and Democrats but none will be unscathed by the time the third passage of these two planets occurs on December 21st when they are both direct.

Recently more news came out about John Ensign's payoffs to his mistress to Leon Panetta's admission that that his agency, the CIA, regularly misled Congress, six members of the House Intelligence Committee. Without going into details, the CIA (founded on Sept. 15, 1947) has a chart with Jupiter (beliefs)@ 23 Scorpio conjunct S Node (past karma) @ 25 Scorpio personifying subterfuge and behind the scenes manipulations along with Neptune-Mercury conjunct in Libra which signifies lies without remorse in order to compromise. Both Jupiter and the Nodes in the CIA chart are in a TSQ with our 2nd Neptune/Jupiter transit.

The chart below set for Washington, DC or as Paul Craig Roberts on July 3rd. called this town:
The Biggest Whorehouse on the Potomac where everything is for sale. Paul was making a colorful reference to the Washington Post's plan : In Washington, everything is for sale, including journalistic integrity. The Washington Post, which abandoned investigative reporting eons ago, decided to boost its sagging revenues by spreading her legs. The Post’s business division put out a flier offering lobbyists access at the Post’s CEO’s gracious home to “those powerful few” in the Obama administration, Congress, and among the Post’s editors and reporters who decide the nation’s policies, such as health care. Even though the offer was taken back this pretty much described how corrupt and degraded things have become as Neptune got a boost and expansion from Jupiter this year. And on July 4th, everyone was offered a no hold barred glimpse at an abundance of scandals as Mercury in emotional, defensive Cancer was oppossed Pluto in authoritarian Capricorn.

The chart below has Cancer rising @ 8 degrees near Vesta (dedication), Mercury (emotional state of mind), Hygeia also in Cancer (defensive posturing re: health)and of course the Sun in Cancer offering a kind of panicky patriotism. Perhaps hysteria is the real threat for all of us who still live in our memories thinking that Michael Jackson was some kind of great heroic humanitarian. Now that both planets and Chiron (that maverick healer) close by are all retrograde, we need to face all our inflated expectations, false ideologies and beliefs which seem more real than even our evolution.

Fixed Stars for the chart set for DC include three Heliacal Rising Stars
(1)Alhena or the proud, marching one - located in the left foot of the Twin Pollux.
To dedicate your life to a mission or an idea (sounds familiar) Per Ptolemy the stars in the feet of Gemini are said to cause trouble and disgrace, sickness, loss of fortune, affliction and danger to the knees.

(2)Rigel, the left foot or leg of the great constellation Orion - Rising 16 mins 01 secs before Sunrise - Per Brady: The desire to bring order to chaos, with words or actions
according to Robson: Good fortune, preferment, riches, great and lasting honors

Alnilam a brilliant white star occupying the central position in Orion's belt. - Rising 17 mins 09 secs before Sunrise -
To seek truth in the fine detail; a love of the precise
Even though Alnilam is said to bestow public honors for those born under it's influence, there is another side to this.
When rising, Alnilam. together with Alnitak and Mintaka, portend irreligious and treacherous individuals. These stars in medieval times were said to presage those who were "passionately devoted to hunting, but not noble hunting with falcon or bow"

Note that Jupiter (the law giver) is Setting when Algol is Culminating orb 00 mins 22 secs - An terrible obsession with power, whether political, physical or spiritual
By longitude Algol has been tracking both Venus and Mars for the last week and at the time of this chart is square Chiron @ 25 degrees 24 minutes in Aquarius - according to many like Noonan: The constellation Perseus (where Algol is Gorgon's head carried) is indicative of events effecting large numbers of people, especially those events caused by major meteorological phenomena. When prominent in a natal chart it is said to denote adventurous individuals, but also those who are less than honest in their dealings with others.



Anonymous said...

Fantastic article, amazing information. Thank you very much for all the knowledge.

Art Gianfermo said...

Thank you for reading my blog and making a comment.

Now that Mars has entered Gemini, the amount of information and controversial
changes will intensify.

Stay tuned...

Lorraine said...

Thanks, i've have a heart wrenching summer, full of deception, avoidance and lies. I am very intuitive and had a sense of something all along. My son and his girlfriend have been living here for 1 year in May. Although it has been very frustrating for me this summer has killed the mother son relationship. She is Scorpio and loves her secrets and he is Libra. He let our relationship go but is it a little comforting that it wasn't all a blatant lack of respect, caring and love.

Thanks again