Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Kali Ma in her Anger Meets the Boys of Bohemian Grove

Today's article in the Free Press International asks if John McCain will be attending July 11-27, 2008 Bohemian Grove? This article which downplays the entire Boho-Bilderberg and Illuminati connection as Mr.Woowoo goes to camp. Yes this article talks of the Masters of the Universe in jest with references to Nixon's comments about homosexuality. Clearly nobody in any media is taking in account astrological aspects for John Sidney McCain. An examle in the Tri Wheel below tells of a progressed Neptune, Juno, Moon and Mars all in Virgo in the 12th and trine the Capricorn Full Moon @ 26 Capricorn (Sabian Symbol: "a Mountain Pilgramage" A ritualistic combination is topped off by secondary progressed Mercury-Sun together in Mars ruled Scorpio very powerful from a ritual standpoint especially since transiting Mars-Saturn are together in their martial dominant best in close orb sitting in the 11th of group associations.
Also another somewhat political revolutionary event per the planets is a transiting Vesta @ Taurus applying to a conjunction with his progressed-natal Uranus @ 7 Taurus which could mean a Ritual Dedication to McCain's race for the Whitehouse.
This will be the year that many will no longer scoff at Icke with tongue in cheek passages which veil the truth: "However, according to Icke, members of this secret sect—including the aforementioned George H.W. Bush as well as Hillary Clinton—shed their human skins once a year and can be detected by their slitted, reptilian eyes."

Transiting Moon opposes his natal/progressed Pluto riding a red horse reminicient of the depression era.
This years Full Moon Coincides with the Bohemian Grove Event
Is Demeter on Strike Again?

The heat alone is in seeming destructive partnership with the massive conflagrations burning the hillsides will make this one of the most difficult Boho Events...
It will seem like the normally clean air around the Monte Rio resort will be filled with unhealthy smoke. So here we have the patriarchy in ceremonial robe laughing like naughty children like Mcain the III while Cali burns.
Lots of opinions about what really takes place at the Bohemian Grove

When we arrive at the Full Moon on July 18th we may find that things are progressively worse economically with Sun-Moon across the 2nd and 8th axis. This Full Moon at 26 degrees Capricorn will presage a dangerous cardinal T-square formation between Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto coming in August 2010. The last time this rare cardinal TSQ happened was in 1930-1931 during the great depression. During this July 18th lunation, both Mars-Saturn (ruler of Moon) are sitting on the DC chart's IC and Ceres is almost exactly opposed Jupiter. With Ceres (Demeter) the Goddess of Agriculture and Grain in Cancer we find that nurturance on all levels is on everybody's mind, especially the most basic survival level: Food. Just like the time in legend when Persephone was kidnapped by Hades-Pluto, our earth seems to be on strike as floods, hail and tornadoes have hammered America's breadbasket, while at the same time fires are choking the west coast. Many of us will feel like the crab who retracts its head back into the safe, protected shell till the rest of the world cooperates.

Kali Ma is Angry On the Full Moon
Just as food was a main topic at the recent G-8 meetings which actually are leading up to the Bohemian Grove Event, both Ceres-Mercury (recent ingress July 10) are opposing Jupiter (now in the 4th with scarce Capricorn making us all think lean.
Note that having mental Mercury in highly emotional sign of nurturance next to Ceres -the Goddess of Agriculture not only creates eating disorders but puts even a false sense or even exaggeration of what is true sustenance.
The Sabian Symbol for 27 Cancer on the Full Moon is "A storm in a canyon" (per Dr. Mark Edmond Jones, page 266) which deals with intensification of the untamed forces of nature. The Mother Goddess like the Moon has dual forms. Beside the gentle aspects there are the terrible ones known as Kali, Medusa, or the Sea Serpent, Typhon, dispatched by Zeus. The July 2nd New Moon has a Jupiter opposition to Sun-Moon-Venus all in the sign of the mother. Jupiter's opposition to the Sun has already forced legal, moralistic decisions via the Supreme Court laws, but next month a new level of judgment will occur. Kali has many faces in India and even if many of them are projections the notion of her terrible fierce fury is well known. As tectonic plates shift and extreme, even shocking, weather mirrors the mutability of Mercury-Gemini SQ Uranus-Pisces exact on July 5th. Besides the upcoming Mars-Saturn conjunction in Virgo, there is a difficult square from Juno to Mars. Juno in Sagittarius in US Sibley first house in stressful aspect to Mars will deal with difficulties in cooperation with foreign powers along with other problems involving domination and subjugation in partnerships. From July 24th till the end of the month explosive, fiery confrontations could occur.

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