Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Week of Living Dangerously Sun TSQ Mars-Pluto 2007


The warnings have been coming from many pundits, not just astrologers. With the world on the precipice of disaster, danger and economic fallout since the eclipse season began on August 28th. This week starting on September 17th conjures a Red Alert with potential calamities. What is going on? Surely aggressive Mars (Lord of
War) stepping directly in the path of Pluto Lord of the Underworld and Destruction now in the Galactic Center is creating such profuse anxiety?
The Chart above set for DC @ 11:33 AM has Angry Mars rising and waging a war of words in Gemini
applying to the Lord of the Underworld and keeper of secrets on the descendant or 7th House - related to overt aggression, foreign relations, treaties and/or disputes, business relationships - much of this aggression is generated from within the hallowed halls of Congress-Senate with Uranus stationing at MidHeaven ready to pull some surprises..Let's pray that Martial Law is not on the agenda!
More then likely with Mars building resentments and anger on the Ascendant we should consider 1st house concerns and the whole range: interior affairs, urban population issues, domestic affairs, general conditions, psychology of the masses and grassroots opinions. Without question the Elite Managers react to the energies stirred up by this weeks Blackwater ban in Iraq, the Taser incident at Univ. of FL. involving student: Andrew Meyer. or more misuse of government funds like: State Department inspector general target of congressional probe

(With Pluto again direct as of September 6th and back near the Galactic Center - the conciousness of humanity is sure to feel the effect of these transits )
Definitely those of us with Sun-Moon in later degrees (25 to 27*) of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces should stay out of any arguments or potential conflicts cause some people are going to be triggered by what may seem like an insignificant event and move from "0 to 100" high intensity degrees of anger-rage!
Real warnings from space have also been prevalent in the form of two fireballs: From
"After seeing the September 13th New Mexico fireball on, I was surprised to catch a very bright fireball here in Texas just two nights later," reports Tom King who operates an all-night, all-sky camera near Watauga, Texas, not far from Dallas/Fort Worth. "In the video, you can see where the meteor is bright enough to illuminate a power pole and trees!"

Is all this a possibility because the Sun (Virgo) in mutable earth is one of the luminary triggers or does the moon entering fiery sagittarius on 9-17-07 @ 5:21 AM, push us over the edge?
Perhaps... No it must be the fact that Saturn recently arriving in Virgo moving the serious accountability into mutable (mercurial) earth from dramatic fixed fire of Leo. For sure the Mutable Cross is becoming more intense everyday as Uranus-Pisces is void of course eliciting the fact that those of the world management teams who have specific agendas, persevere to make their point despite fierce opposition. We are seeing ocial conditions as extremely volatile now. The bottom could fall out or worse!
Could it be that Venus now direct and also moving to an opposition to Neptune on September 21st. moving to translate that final pass of Saturn-Neptune opposition on June 25th of this year - the loss and reg especially with Neptune void of course Not everything is known, there is much to suspect. The fabric of reality seems to be ripped asunder... plus Neptune-Venus tells of major resignations and defeats, over losses of life in Iraq and around the world.
From the standpoint of climate change and just plain Hot Weather (Mars-Pluto in Galactic Center )
The world's average temperature this year has been the hottest since reliable record-keeping began 127 years ago,
Is the fiery crash of the jet in Thailand today (9-16) the precursor? The fact that The exact cause of the crash was unclear late Sunday sort of a Neptunian verification? as the plane slid off the runway on the resort island of Phuket on Sunday, killing at least 88 of the 130 passengers and crew on board.

Well folks we are still seeing aftershocks in Indonesia after the 8.4 Magnitude Monster quake hit Southern Sumatra
Conspiracy theorists and doomsday bloggers are sure that either the market will crash because of a False Flag attack!
Is the greatest series of natural disasters of the 21st century ready to begin in harmony with the great Arctic Ice Melt: Reuters - The Arctic's Northwest Passage has opened up fully because of melting sea ice, clearing a long-sought but historically impassable route between Europe and Asia, the European Space Agency said.
Two charts below speak of the potential gravity of this week.
First with Sun in exact Waxing SQ with Mars in Los Angeles 9-17-07 @ 1:50 PM with Pluto on the ASC opposing Mars

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