Sunday, September 23, 2007

Fall Equinox Brings Spiritual Renewal to House Divided

We probably all know that the autumnal equinox is when night and day are nearly of the same length and Sun crosses the celestial equator (i.e., declination 0) moving southward (in the northern hemisphere). This year the point of equinox beginning here on the West Coast is at 2:52 AM PDT and 5:52 AM EDT see chart above.
That chart set for DC has 16 Virgo rising with an telling sabian symbol :" A Volcano in a state of eruption! " Without doubt the Mars-Pluto opposition which is now separating has been pushing for an incredible transformation necessary to move our world forward. With mutable signs still strong (Virgo rising opposing Uranus-Pisces on the descandant) this sets up a time when balance, diplomacy and karma are so important. As Sun enters Libra and applying to sexitle with Jupiter-Sagittarius we are brining an atmosphere of generosity, increase in education and motive for changing laws.
Still without a doubt their is an undercurrent of dismay, divisiveness and destruction when we focus on the mutables yet momentous healing is occuring with Chiron (wounded healer) still in orb of a sextile to Jupiter in the Fifth House of children, risk taking and yes speculation. With the housing bubble finally bursting we can even hear a collective sigh of relief from those of us that are aware that houses aare not for speculation but for living in sustainable fashion.
Day Five of Galactic Underworld
Taking an immediate turn from tropical astrology we see that today - 9-23-07
is moving us toward the most potent of Day Five of the Mayan Galacitc Underworld finishing on Nov. 18th to make way for Night Five Nov. 19, 2007 to Nov. 12, 2008 when deep, deep integration is necessary.
Calleman's predictions and the Equinox
Per Carl Johan Calleman, Ph.D.

His Predictions: "the current cycle would be a dualist cycle generating conflicts between the East and the West. This is in contrast to in the period 1992-1999, which was by far the most peaceful in the history of mankind, when in fact there were no wars between different nations (only civil wars). The reason that this period was so relatively peaceful was that we had arrived at the seventh day of the Planetary Underworld in 1992 (which was a unitary Underworld), but the dualist Galactic Underworld, beginning in 1999, had not yet started. The prediction of increased conflicts between East and West after 1999 has manifested not only in the attack on the WTC by Islamic terrorists and the Western wars with Iraq and Afghanistan, but also in the NATO war with Yugoslavia. A further prediction of mine that has been verified is that these wars have manifested in the periods that are days. The reason is that, as we may understand from the Mayan Calendar, the days are the periods that are ruled by new Yin/Yang-polarities creating the potential for conflict."
My contention is that this Autumnal Eclipse with the Harvest Moon to follow on 9-26-07 @ 12:45 PM PDT or 3:45 PM EDT will bring not only a meeting of East-West
especially with Ahmadinejad visiting NYC and Columbia University on 9-24=07.
The students will have an opportunity to participate in a symbolic healing of the conflict...
Right and Left Brain coming together.
Let's look at another of Calleman's both hopeful and ominous predictions ultimately bringing us toward enlightenment and peace:
"the Western dominance of the world will come to an end as we progress through the Galactic Underworld. The divine plan will pulse by pulse favor the creation of a balance between East and West, which is finally to be attained in early 2011. At the time I formulated this prediction it seemed almost unthinkable, given the almost total dominance of the West - militarily, economically and in the media - in this world order. Yet, it was the only conclusion that I could draw from the Mayan calendar. Thus, the Galactic Underworld will step-by-step strengthen the Eastern Hemisphere and the right brain half in order to create "going-with-the-divine-flow-ism" ("divinely guided anarchy"), man's ability to transcend matter (living on light, spiritual healing and the like) and a balance between East and West. At the same time it will replace the old order of the Planetary Underworld: democracy, technology and the rule of the West. The problem is obviously that from the present situation it is hard to see how the end to the Western dominance of the world could come about smoothly, and so the path there may well see many tragic events."
To be continued...

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