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SATURN ENTERS LEO - New Face of Karma

On July 16, 2005, the great Taskmaster and Lord of Karma leaves the cardinal sign of Cancer the great domestic nurturer and enters the living large fixed sign of Leo.
Since June 2003, Saturn, prime authority, limiting force and planet symbolizing structure has been in the repressive energy of security conscious Cancer (parental and motherly). Soon in the middle of this month, the ringed giant moves into the realm of childhood exuberance, risk taking and the need to be recognized. We are on the verge of a huge transition.

After two and a half years of the most inflated real estate boom in American history we might expect a Karmic change. Many of us have begun to name the herd of elephants in the living room. These are the same pachyderms that have passed draconian laws in the name of protection and fake terror scares. It will be those same leaders of both governments and industry will be feeling the karmic heat of the God Cronus stepping into the Leonine prescence.

By now, you have probably read descriptions of Saturn in Leo causing a role reversal between the people and their leaders. For the last two plus years our leaders whether elected, appointed or seizing power have treated their public like children. Astrologically Leo is the lord of the fifth house associated with children, romance, theater or live melodrama but mostly the enthusiasm of children and the child within. Bosses, leaders, politicos and big shots have severely limited our fun loving nature by saddling their constituency and employees with repressive laws and rules. Now with the coming role reversal, the citizens will began challenge this overly parental and protective and fear mongering attitude. Yes we will began to see the previous balance of security changed. Like smoke signals seen from distant towers, the charges from the Downing Street Memo or the World Tribunal on Iraq or the recent 250 000 Make Poverty History campaigners marching in Edinburgh, Scotland G8 summit. The tone will become increasingly more strident as the people continue rebel and criticize with the lack of respect afforded them while Saturn transited Cancer.

Don't misunderstand me, I don't expect the infamous real estate bubble to burst - at least not right away. After all we are just starting to see the exaggerated elements of the fiery leo desire to speculate on our domestic retreats and family sanctuaries. The practice of turning property to make a quick buck is a tell tale sign of the end of a cycle. Everyday there are so many signs of short term deflated market but it has just kept getting stronger with low rates? Too many prognostication (astrologer included) have been fooled during this time of housing demand and literally short supply. In 2003, Jupiter the archetype of expansion made a favorable sextile (60 degree) aspect from Virgo to Cancer pushing the boundaries of home purchases. If we all could be a bottom consistently in any market be it Real Estate, Bonds, Equities, Commodities or ipod and SUV sales, we probably would leverage that info. into great wealth and keep it a secret.

Leo is a complex sign linked to the the heart and to the Sun, the central identity or heart of our solar system. Radiant and shining like the Sun, Leo is much more outgoing, expressive and even at times bellicose then Cancer. This will not be a time of peace and tranquility as the Lion roars with creative release of powerful light energy. Leo is proud, generous, in need of admirers - a leader. Yes Leos are the Kings, Queens, Presidents, Celebrities of the sliver screen as they bring their sense of dramatic to the podium, film or stage like Madonna, JLO, Mick Jagger or Bill Clinton. Or GWB with his Leo Ascendant ego centered, bombastic with the glad hand out to grip the flesh, the smile ready and posed for the camera. Saturn will certainly tone down this blazing magnanimity yet in some ways will put the spotlight on a certain aristocracy of arrogance. Their will be a more serious tone surrounding the rich and famous objects of tabloid PR and paparazzi's penumbral activities.

Saturn deals with the principle of establishment and organization and Leo rules entertainment and Hollywood even Bollywood (note India is Leo country). We expect to see some mega-deals being made where networks, studios and film magnates start to acquire and merge one with another. This will be a time of the epic and serious drama that is known far and wide.
Many of the new productions will be about children, children's rights and child like creativity. We are in a symbolic transition from houses to children on the physical, mental and spiritual level. Reality shows will began to embrace both children, adolescents and principle of self-help and self accomplishment. Some of the themes of movies during this time will be about life itself and the glories of ancient civilizations.

Economically we are beginning some precipitous aspects as the principle of action -Mars squares Saturn three times this year first on 31st July 2005, 19th Nov. and 28th December 2005. In the money and earth sign Taurus, Mars begins a long journey starting on July 28 2005 and remains there until February 2006. This will undoubtedly be a time when both currencies and equities experience reversals.

Gold ruled by Leo will begin to decline steadily by August 2005. We may also see some currencies start to crash or at the least seriously devalued. For some this will be a buying opportunity for many, others the mountain of debt will fall with the fury of an avalanche.
Another potentially explosive aspect is when Jupiter squares Saturn on 17th Dec 2005, 22nd June and 25th Oct. 2006 (from the signs Scorpio to Leo). Jupiter and Saturn the two social planets are linked to economic and societal well being and in a challenging 90 degree aspect- be forewarned.

Saturn will limit the power of several CEO's, kings, prime ministers and presidents who also may die in office or even be assassinated. Most likely a "Watergate/World Tribunal Type Scenario" will be repeated thru the world and many heads of state will feel the trial by fire as the exposure of corruption and scandals increases during this cycle. All the social and political activism stirred up during the cardinal period of Saturn in Cancer will began to take effect as we move into a fixed, succedent sign of completion.

Despite these somewhat dire predictions it is still a good time for us to embrace our own inner child. A good time to remember: "Do anything, but let it produce joy." per HENRY MILLER.
Part II will follow soon.


aldasman said...

I think that Bush should keep Rove whether he is guilty or not of betraying a CIA agent.. Rove is endemic and indigenous to the horrible legacy that the Bush administration will leave behind. He should not be forgotten.

aldasman said...

I think that Bush should keep Rove whether he is guilty or not of betraying a CIA agent.. Rove is endemic and indigenous to the horrible legacy that the Bush administration will leave behind. He should not be forgotten.
Thanks for a fine, well thought-out blog entry.