Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Life Changing New Moon in Cancer

New Moon in the Sign of the Mother
(8:02 AM EDT and 5:02 AM PDT) energy is felt around the world and coast to coast.
Families, security, justice why have we reached this point in history?
To understand the intrinsic watery energy of this Cancerian New Moon. To comprehend the struggle which is raging about Quality of Life - take a look at one of my poems written in the early 90's ...
Amid the warming trend, the real issues on the planet become clear
Quality of Life! Quality of Light
Quality of Food and Nourishment on all levels: physically,emotionally and spiritually.
Yes and the Quality of Water for Life

With this 7/6/05 lunation coinciding with G8 Summit supposedly intent on feeding and nourishing the starving people of Africa...or are they propping up their own egos for the world to see via Live Aid Concerts and publicity?

This new moon is really about seeds that can grow to nourish our bodies and spirit. I am talking about the energy of seeds - the embryo of life. Much of the focus will be on whether the world will reject the GE (Genetically Modified Seeds) that Monsanto and Cargill are trying to push on the world. GMO crops and seeds are now known as "suicide seeds" by indigenous throughout the world particularly the Lacandon Mayan in Chiapas. The more the illuminati push to destroy and enslave our Mother Earth - the more the peoples of the Earth will push back especially with Chiron in Aquarius stating the need for social justice.

With a TSQ involving the Sun/Moon to Mars/Aries and Jupiter/Libra this is not your quiet staid nurturing protective cancerian event. Our anger levels will rise steadily thru the next few days.

The wild card Uranus is also leading a Yod aspect (aka Finger of God) between Jupiter/Libra sextile Mercury/Venus in Leo. There are wide ranging spiritual ramifications. We have four inner planets all at 10 degrees, moving our personal lives quickly. Again the expansive force of Jupiter/Libra now representing balance, justice and the push for harmony is driving mutable Uranus to break away from the old Piscean age and accept the feminine reception along with creative mentality (Leo). We have a give of intuition, intelligence, and expansiveness which can help us cope with the great reservoir of cardinal energy.

How the Yod plays out in some of today's news stories: Pisces which rules Oil and Petroleum is sitting on top of that Yod...
Oil Prices Top $60 a Barrel on Storm Fears - headline July 6, 4:27 pm ET
With Mercury/Venus both in Leo sextile Jupiter there could be motivations to exagerate the dangers of Tropical Storms Cindy and Dennis (Mercury rules the weather)being close quincunx an apsect requiring personal and social adjustments.
"Oil prices climbed nearly 3 percent to finish at a record above $61 a barrel on Wednesday and analysts warned of an imminent spike in the retail cost of gasoline as storm-related power outages disrupted some oil production and refining operations in the Gulf of Mexico."

Sun/Moon TSQ to Mars Opp Jupiter - Attackers killed at Indian temple
The attack on the Ram Janmabhoomi complex occured on the eve of the New Moon
This was a sacred site (Jupiter rules belief systems) a makeshift temple to Hindu God-king Ram which was built over a16th-century mosque and is sacred to both Hindus and Muslims
Now today we see the reaction from the people (Moon)
Violent protests across India after attack on holy site
Hundreds of rightwing Hindu protesters stormed an airport in central India yesterday, preventing a flight from taking off in one of a series of violent protests across the country against an attack on a holy site sacred to both Hindus and Muslims.

More on the manifest changes felt in this Lunation which according to the Mayan Calendar is the day of the Yellow Rhythmic Seed (timed well with Cancerian nurturing) and put into perspective with the Mars/Jupiter opposition where both these planets represent targeting our energy toward manifestation.

View the DreamSpell description and take in the rhythmic tones of life:

I organize in order to target
Balancing awareness
I seal the input of flowering
With the rhythmic tone of equality
I am guided by my own power doubled

more to follow...

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