Thursday, February 13, 2014

Bold and Courageous Record Breaking in the Olympics leads up to a Full Snow Moon


We are less than two days away from a Mega-Full Moon known by native american tribes of the north and east as a Full Snow Moon or a Full Hunger Moon. Since the moon will be in Leo, with the symbol of vitality, king ship, self confidence, the yang principle the Sun in a trine with Mars, representing dynamic force, courage and bravery will be in abundance. In fact we have been seeing this solar alignment with the warrior Mars in graceful, balanced Libra playing out with new Olympic heroes achieving stellar and record performances. Per example today in Sochi it speed skater, Stefan Groothius (born Nov. 23, 1981) winning his fourth gold medal in speed skating. Stefan's tremendous athletic ability and speed on the ice reflects his stellium of Uranus-Juno-Sun in exciting Sagittarius. Plus his natal Mars in precise Virgo is closely trine to Venus in Capricorn was enhanced by today's transiting Venus-Pluto.

So as we approach 2-14-2014 and the Full Snow Moon, expect that first time events, surprises and new records will be achieved as we all go a little airborne. One of those shockers involved Kaitlyn Farrington winning the women's half-pipe competiton. Kaitlyn Farrington (born December 18, 1989) a Sagittarian like Stefan but with a highly focused Uranus-Neptune-Saturn-Mercury conjunction in disciplined Capricorn and an independent and lucky Venus-Vesta-N. Node contact in Aquarius. But it had to be that both Uranus and Mercury are out of bounds by declination making her a spectacular champion.

Now that Mercury has moved back into the sign of record breaking, Aquarius to trine Mars again (exact March 14th.) and is now longer Void of Course in Pisces, the pace accelerates. In alignment with Mercury the weather planet VOC, record winds of 106 mph. added to a furious storm that slammed into flooded Britain. 'Since Mercury is heading toward another square with the Lord of Karma/structure Saturn (exact on February 18th.) we will see even more weather related disruptions.  In hte  North Eastern US. , 585, 000 are without power due to "Catastrophic" Winter Storm Pax.