Friday, October 04, 2013

The Scales Weigh Toward Passion and Magenta on Libra New Moon Oct. 4, 2013


On the cusp of scale tipping and heavily unbalanced New Moon in Libra, the upheaval and volatility has become the new normal. Instead of waxing about the beauty of natures harmony radiant in the light of autumn, I am going to speak of the sheer intensity and power that accompanies this lunation. Of course justice, high profile trials, elements of fashion and romance will make news but there is more an element of Mars and the warrior present than Aphrodite. To illustrate the power and emotional ramifications what is coming in the next couple of weeks, let's turn to Spaceweather and to  how on October 2nd, a CME hit Earth's magnetic field, sparking a G2-class geomagnetic storm. Auroras were seen in both hemispheres and many of the lights were rare shades of red. Minoru Yoneto photographed the example above in Queenstown, New Zealand.

There is a  predominance of Scorpio and extreme transformation per the New Moon chart. Mercury is moving retrograde on October 21st @ 19 degrees. with a Sabian Symbol - "A parrot listening and then talking, repeats conversations he has overheard." This image can represent everything to recorded messages, NSA surveillance, talking heads and gossip. Also  Mars the  ancient ruler of Scorpio relates  to the color Red as in passion, crimson, magenta, or deep blood in tone.

  Fixed Stars on this New Moon by Paran In the chart set for tomorrow October 4th. @ 8:34 PM in Washington, DC. Looking first at some important fixed stars we see that Alcyone, the central adn largest star of the Pleiades or Seven Sisters is rising at the Ascendant. Alcyone rising relates to not just visionary skills and judgemental attitudes but to eye problems like blindness or injuries to the eyes and face. Alycyone rising per Robson also represents disgrace, wounds, stabs even imprisonment, sickness or quarrels and violent consequences. Alcyone is also connected to major fires. Alkes is the Heliacal Rising Star not just for DC but(also over the West Coast. Alkes found in the base of the Cup or Crater Constellation. Alkes represents the principle of carrying something precious and has a prophetic and mystical quality. Per Noonan: " When rising the star indicates dedicated environmentalists whose love for rivers and streams lead them to be very protective regarding water resources." Another interesting thing about Crater is that it is associated with the Roman Bacchus who is identified with Greek Dionysus. Manilus goes on to say that those born under the Constellation, Crater " will sow corn among the grapes and will adopt any other of the countless forms of cultivation that exist throughout the world and will drink without stint the wine he has produced and enjoy in person the well earned fruits of his labors; neat wine will incite him to jollity, when he will drown all seriousness in his cups Scheat, yellow star on the leg of the Winged Horse, Pegasus is the Heliacal Setting Star over DC and San Francisco. Scheat is known to be prominent during natural disasters including floods - this is a warning. Per Elsbeth Ebertin. Scheat when mixed with malefics by transit, could mean that the native might lose his life in catastrophes, such as floods, shipwreck, mining accidents, airplane accidents, or maybe suicide. On the other hand, a positive influence can emanate from Scheat, but only for some people, it can have a positive effect on their mental creativity. Also on the West Coast, Venus already in a water sign is culminating when Scheat is Rising social order confronted with change. Suffice to say, Scheat makes the list of influence when it comes to many tragedies and natural disasters.

The Chart Below is set for October 4th. @ 8:34 PM in Washington, DC. and more ominous is that Algol is rising when the Moon is Setting which describes being plagued by personal tragedies, one's own, or other people's   Yes in Washington, DC the government shutdown continues and while women and men are angry, intense and even filled with revenge per the shocking car chase and eventual shooting of the woman attacker near the US Capitol. Venus is transiting in Scorpio The female motorist's black Infiniti, according to authorities on Thursday afternoon,struck a security barrier and a U.S. Secret Service officer near the White House before hurtling down some of the capital's most famous streets, In other words a 35 year old woman and 1 year old child virtually "terrorized" the White House and put them on temporary lockdown and she didn't even have a gun!   - pretty weird  stuff . With the Sun applying to in a 90 degree angle to the Jupiter in Cancer (exact on October 12th.) there are not only moral conflicts but major distortions of the truth. In fact Venus is in a contra parallel or opposing aspect to Jupiter adding to this time of lies.

Update for Friday Afternoon before the New Moon in DC, as a Man lit himself on fire at the National Mall. Authorities were called to the Mall on Friday afternoon to respond to reports that a man had set himself on fire. Mars is positioned in fiery Leo in the 4th. house of ground zero plus fixed star Zosma found in the back of the Nemean Lion and in the Leo constellation is conjunct Vesta - Zosma represents the principle of victimization relating to today's incident of Self immolation. So lets take a quick look at the new moon chart below

Taurus is rising @ 24 degrees Taurus with this Sabian Symbol: "An Indian Warrior is riding fiercely with human scalps hanging from his belt. " This speaks of a time when fighting tooth and nail for territory, aggression, risk taking and deadly attacks is here. In fact this ascendant is opposing Venus, ruler of this chart now Void of Course in dark, seductive and obsessive Scorpio. Venus Void of Course relates to impulsive and passionate emotions that can precipitate risky acts. Venus is also the ruler of the Sun-Moon now conjunct in Libra @ 12 degrees Libra with this Symbol - "Miners emerging from a coal mine." which could actually refer to a mine disaster or explosion underground where workers are rescued.  This symbol does relate to the act of being transformed by coming into the light. This Sabian also can relate to secrets and revelations being unearthed and the opportunity to breathe clean air or alternately a gloomy outlook, breathing problems or even a depressed state.
Speaking of new information be unearthed about the notorious chemical attack in Eastern Ghouta, Syria. New credible allegations have surfaced that a Saudi black op team behind Damascus chem weapons attack – diplomatic sources
A penetrating view of the Scorpio stellium comes back to that Mercury station on October 21st to turn retrograde This occurs right before the Sun enters Scorpio (Oct. 22nd.) In fact with this retrograde, we might see the Government Shutdown prolonged. Mercury has already had that serious, super realistic and candid meeting with Saturn, the Lord of Karma on October 8th. and Mercury retrograde will again conjunct Saturn on October 29th. Mercury-Saturn together in Scorpio can many times crystallize our perceptions which can enhance critical thinking but it also has a tendency to stir negative thinking, mental blocks and self-destructive thought. By the time the Sun enters Scorpio after the next Full Moon in Aries on October 18th. some mega events will have transpired from weather related to economic downturns. Look toward the First Qtr. Moon in Capricorn on October 11th. for some major events to transpire in the economic sector.  Already there are rumors that Banks are stuffing ATM's ahead of panicked withdrawals.

Stay tuned for some wild happenings...