Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Gemini New Moon Revisited - A Litany of Secrets and Lies Revealed

With just a little over 24 hours till the Solstice begins and the Sun enters Cancer for the Pacific Time Zone (June 20th @ 10:04 PM) it seemed like I should make mention of the last new moon in Gemini. Gemini is not a sign known to keep a secret being the consummate communicator. Speaking of Geminis and their verbal swords and mercurial wit magnified with today's Sun-Jupiter conjunction in the sign of the Twins, we should expect some mutability mixed with the unpredictable. One thing is for sure expect an an excessive need for approval and attention as the Jupiter Gemini transits end on June 25th. Regarding attention and the distraction-oriented mass media like MSNBC getting their due. Brand used his natal Mars/Jupiter in Aries to not mince words and cut thru their bullshit. Russell Brand (born June 4, 1976) a sharp witted Gemini with Sun-Juno-Mercury in the sign of the highly verbal and satirical Twins In fact comedian Brand added clarity when he showed how the mainstream media manipulates the words of people in order to construct a particular agenda. Per the article below: "He said that mass media was an operation in changing information "so it suits a particular agenda" and that MSM viewers were being manipulated."
Russell Brand shatters hypnosis of mainstream media with hilarious, high-IQ domination of dumbfounded MSNBC hosts
Last week we saw another Gemini Edward Snowden
who made the real imp;act right near the New Moon. Snowden born with Sun @ 29th degree -N. Node-Mars all in Gemini, the most loquacious of signs
and in a Grand Trine with Pluto-Saturn in justice oriented Libra
trine asteroid Ceres in Aquarius which of course follows the beat of a different drummer
and with contacts to Pluto-Saturn-Mars adds major transformation, structure and courage to a Light being shined on a dangerous secretive program like Prism. Ed Snowden's chart below shows a predominance of air and fire signs relating to action performed for ideals:
Since the subject of sacrificing freedom and privacy (Uranus in Aries square Mercury/Venus in Cancer) for security and illusion via surveillance (Saturn in Scorpio trine Neptune) will be dominating much of the week. Visit this article for more about PRISM
PRISM: Big Brother Government is Now in the Open
Weather Anomalies right after the New Moon - Derechos Just as I mentioned last year in my blog entry on June 30, 2012 - Derechos are coming big time!
Now with the Mars/Jupiter transits in Gemini - the Potential for Derechos! Severe Storms, Derecho Risk Rapid City to Chicago There is a likelihood of severe thunderstorms featuring damaging winds, hail and flash flooding from South Dakota to Illinois, Pennsylvania and West Virginia from Tuesday night to Wednesday night. Part of this area could be hit by an intense thunderstorm complex, known as a derecho. Looking back to June 8th - A Big Day All Around with the Gemini New Moon Especially for Siblings, Doubles, Twins, Ideas, Verbal Gifts and Split Personalities who Revel on the Gemini New Moon. The new moon in Gemini happened @ 8:56 AM PDT or 11:56 AM EDT The chart below is set for Washington, DC with Virgo rising thus the ruler Mercury now in sensitive but slightly hysterical Cancer sits in the 11th house of large groups. While Pallas and Mars are conjunct at Mid-Heaven closely square the Ascendant relating to confusion and frustrations. Of course with Pallas in Gemin near Mars there is an emphasis on the written/spoken word and neuro-linguistic programming all steeped in paradox.
The New Moon occured @ 18 degrees 01 minute Gemini with the Sabian Symbol - "A large archaic volume read with the aid of a magnifying glass." This Sabian Symbol adds a connection to the mythic and archtypical realms along with reliving past events. This New Moon tends to have dual effects a time when we need to bring light to dark places by using our intuition and hunches. New Moons are always indicative of a time when new events, ideas and discoveries come into being and this lunation is no exception Many of the discoveries and news reflecting the Gemini transits will be shocking to say the least. Especially since Gemini is not a sign to keep a secrets under pressure plus with Mercury in Privacy Oriented Cancer TSQ Pluto and Uranus. From here on out everything seems to be unraveling rather quickly. Stay tuned for the Massive Full Moon on June 23rd.