Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Annular Solar Eclipse in Taurus - Sedna, Vulcan and Aphrodite Show their Power


 We are on the eve of tomorrow's powerful eclipse @ 19 degrees 31 minutes of Taurus with this Sabian Symbol - "Wisps of clouds like wings are streaming across the skies." This symbol which alludes to higher dimensions and spiritual forces which will be aiding us during this period. Even with the seemingly dense, earthiness being projected and the emphasis on ownership and having value, there is a finer quality inherent. One of the prime spiritual force working with us directly is via the exoplanet Sedna conjunct this eclipse. I spoke of Sedna and her myth in my blog back in 2005

In the case of this eclipse, Sedna is representative of the divine feminine much like Ceres, the Goddess of nurturance and grains, now transiting in Cancer and opposing Pluto. In the Intuit myth, Sedna controls the food supply for the tribe, she is given the highest status of the various Inuit gods and goddesses. Astronomically Sedna is one of the many trans-Neptunian objects (TNO) spotted in the last few years (Sedna discovered in 2003) they orbit the sun at a greater distance on average than Neptune. In this case Seda takes approx. 10,500 years with a highly elliptical orbit. Pluto, takes about 248 years to go around the Sun. Sedna per the Intuit people is a protector of the oceans and she reminds us to honor the waters and our earth mother. You will be hearing lots about issues of our food supply in relationship to the oceans as the eclipses progress this year. In fact with Venus or Aphrodite in the last degrees of Taurus near Alcyone and ruling bees, those essential pollinators stories of colony collapse are getting our attention. One-Third of U.S. Honeybee Colonies Died Last Winter, Threatening Food Supply How many more times do we need to hear this? Nearly one in three commercial honeybee colonies in the United States died or disappeared last winter, an unsustainable decline that threatens the nation’s food supply.

  Ring of Fire Eclipse This partial or annular eclipse is being called the Ring of Fire Eclipse since it will primarily be centered over Australia and the Pacific Ocean. This narrow track of Maximum Eclipse which 13,300 kilometers long and only about 200 kilometers wide is the place where new islands, lands will be springing up from the Pacific due to volcanic eruption/vulcanism, erosion, glacial retreat, or other mechanisms.
Afterall Vulcan is the esoteric ruler of Taurus connecting to the myth of Hephasteus and Aphrodite. Speaking of volcanoes when fixed Taurus energies Blow His/Her Stack!

Of course the conjunction of hot Mars near S. Node, Mercury, Sun, Moon and Pallas puts the spot light on the raging Bull and I don't mean DeNiro. One thing is for sure Taurus like volcanoes builds slowly and finally blows. The most recent eruption as of last night was outside of Mexico City: Explosive Eruption at Mexico’s Popocatépetl Popocatépetl aka the Smoking One outside of Mexico City has been restless and produced steam-and-ash plumes intermittently over the past year, but last night emitted a significant ash plume accompanied by large incandescent blocks being thrown down the slopes of the volcano.

 Fortunately this eclipse marks the end in 2013 for the fixed planets representing the Life Force in Taurus opposing to those representing the Dark, Death and Transformation in Scorpio As they say in the High Valyrian language in George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire novels and HBO series - Game of Thrones "Valar Morghulis" or All Men Must Die. The Reply is "Valar Dohaeris" or All Men Must Serve. These phrases connect the fact that as Mars, Mercury, Moon, Sun, Pallas and Venus in the sign of Bull reflecting the rites of Spring and life will separate from the thoroughly eclipsing energies represented by N. Node of fate and Saturn, Lord of Karma in Scorpio a huge shift will take place even where the eclipse isn't visible.
 Per example right about when the Moon opposed Saturn this evening, news of a terrible catastrophe in Russia hit the wire. Huge blaze as Russian fuel tanks derail, thousands flee At least 27 people have been injured after a cargo train derailed in Russia’s south with over 50 fuel tanks running off the tracks.

  May 9th Thursday : The day of the Solar Eclipse for the USA. The Moon and Sun meet in Taurus for an Annular Solar Eclipse @ 5:28 PM or 12:28 PM UTC. This is the 2nd of three S. Node Eclipses active in Taurus and stimulating release from the past. Expect that most of the long-term effects will be felt within 30 to 90 days. An annular solar eclipse occurs when the Moon's apparent diameter is smaller than the Sun, causing the Sun to look like an annulus (ring), blocking most of the Sun's light. The Eclipse Annularity will be visible from northern Australia and the southern Pacific Ocean, with a maximum of 6 minutes 3 seconds visible from the Pacific Ocean east of French Polynesia.
The eclipse path is shown in the animation below:
 With the axis of the Bull and the Scorpion so strong on this new moon along with that powerful Demon Star, Algol culminating as the Sun is culminating representing obsession and passion that can inspire or destroy over San Francisco, Washington DC, even though Venus heads into air sign Gemini right before the eclipse @ 8:03 AM The energies will build in the morning since the New Moon eclipse doesn't happen till 5:28 PM. PDT. First @ 1:27 AM, the Taurus Moon trines Pluto in patriarchal Capricorn. Strong emotions and urges will move us to dig deeper. This is the perfect time to let go of inhibitions and move with the energy of the moment due to the huge bodily changes. This is a day of occultations or eclipses besides the Moon and Sun, first up is the Taurus Moon Occulting Mars @ 6:52 AM Just like a conjunction to Mars except with occultation the Moon will be between us and Mars at the same elevation in the sky, Expect everything great and small will intensify, heat up and move a lot faster This Moon-Mars transit stimulates quick decisions, initiatives, and even rage-like action. Venus then leaves steady, sensual Taurus and enters more fickle and flirtatious Gemini @ 8:03 AM to remain in the sign of the Twins till June 2nd. Then the Taurus Moon Occults Mercury @ 12:06 PM this time the Moon will be between us and Mercury shifting and confusing perceptions. Also ask for you want with clarity and remember that communications need care and concern especially during sensitive discussions. The time of Maximum eclipse is May 9 at 5:23 PM Pacific time and May 10th. 12:23 AM UTC.
Just like with the Lunar Eclipse on April 25th. we should  expect a tremendous release of tension with this eclipse This Solar Eclipse is also part Saros Series 15 South. The overview for this eclipse series is that it involves certain situations which have been stagnant for a while. A current crisis will suddenly clear up. In the process of this major resolution there will be a collective sense of loss and grief. Right after the eclipse, the dogmatic but down to earth Taurus Moon moves VOC @ 5:28 PM 

Below is a chart set for 8:28 PM EDT specifically for Washington, DC where Scorpio is rising @ 25 degrees (Sabian Symbol - An X-Ray). An X-Ray can penetrate into denser forms and is concentrated. Lots of news about spying by the alphabet agencies and more will take center stage. Recent news that Obama will support and Internet wiretapping program verifies a Federal Bureau of Investigation effort that would ensure all Internet companies in the US will provide a way for the government to conduct undetected, backdoor surveillance. (Backdoor surveillance relates to Saturn in the 12th house for sure.) This chart's Ruler, Mars is in the 6th house relating to service, military, police and conjunct S. Node the past closely opposing N. Node in Scorpio and in the house of hidden enemies. The possibility of some subterfuge involving hidden enemies is strong. Plus Pluto the modern ruler is in the 2nd house relating to values and banking issues.

There is also a Grand Water Trine involving Saturn in Extreme Scorpio to Vesta/Ceres in the 8th ho The Heliacal Rising Star over DC is Al Rescha - Rising 15 mins 58 secs before Sunrise. Al Risha is the Knot of the Cord in the constellation Pisces. The Knot formed by the joining together of the ends of the ribbons that binds the two Fishes. When rising Al Rescha has the ability to join together different and separate ideas and/or people - we should look toward a strange bedfellows type coalition formed after this eclipse. The Heliacal Setting Star is Zuben Elgenubi - Setting 09 mins 22 secs before Sunrise. Zuben Elgenubi is found in the southern Claw of the Scorpion in constellation of Libra. On the postive side of the scale, this star can help improve the quality of life for all. According to Ptolemy it has the nature of Saturn and Mars, although later authors substituted Saturn and Venus or Saturn and Mercury. Robson claims that zuben Elgenubi is a dangerous force causing " malevolence, obstruction, an unforgiving character, violence, disease, lying, crime, disgrace, and danger of poison. " We will see soon enough but I tend to think that this star will inspire a reluctant voice of authority to speak out and help in a coming crisis. Alcyone is conjunct Venus by aspect relating to the mystical or our next stage of evolution. Per Robson from the old school - Alcyone with Venus brings "immoral, strong passions, disgrace through women, sickness, loss of fortune." Again the main theme of this eclipse is a cathartic release thus there is a transcendent quality arising. Mars is conjunct Menkar of the constellation Cetus. Relating to victims of the unconscious.
One thing that we can expect from this eclipse is a shattering and collapsing of much of what we hold onto in 3rd. dimension.  As we approach the final eclipse in this trio on May fiery Sagittarius,  the Sun, Venus, Mercury will have joined Jupiter in Gemini which will mark a more adaptable time dominated by ideas and communications. Plus the third mega waxing square between Uranus, the shocker and Pluto, the destroyer will have separated adding a new momentum to
this tremendous time of upheaval.