Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sagittarius New Moon - Expanding Horizons Beyond What Is Known or Believed


In an effort to describe the coming Sagittarius New Moon which takes place on Thursday, December 13th. @ 12:42 AM PST it is difficult to encompass everything or keep up with the accelerated change. This new moon occurs on a Jupiter ruled day relating to going far beyond the usual into uncharted territory. The keywords for this lunation are BIG, explosive and expansive. International, foreign and multi-cultural events are a given. After all the Moon and Sun meet @ 22 degrees Sag. - Sabian Symbol: A Chinese Laundry. A Chinese laundry represents a new opportunity, a location where  immigrants/travelers are willing to progress and bring their cultural mores into the day to day workplace. Tomorrow's new moon is filled with fireworks and fulminations in the sign of the archer that aims for the sky, so continue to watch for a mighty convergence of signs in space.

 In terms of expansion we are talking about beliefs both in the outer and inner dimensions. Today is the 12-12-12 shift when optimism is at it's peak as since the Moon opposed Jupiter in the sign of socialization and data overload. Since Mercury entered Sagittarius (Dec. 10th) to stimulate our imaginations and innovative abilities with a slightly strange square to Neptune and a fiery trine to Uranus a merging with the unseen, unexpected and unknowable. In synch with the Mercury-Neptune square is the compassionate, musical and spiritual elements like the big Sandy Relief concert Will Be Largest Event in Music History So on Thursday, not only will the Moon and Sun meet in Sagittarius @ 22 degrees but Mercury, the cosmic messenger, Astraea, the Greek goddess of justice and Juno, the divine consort will all be in the sign of the high-flying archer. In fact looking ahead to Dec. 15th. Venus, the love goddess also comes over into this mutable fire sign. (Note that Astraea abandoned the earth during the Iron Age to flee from the new wickedness of humanity.) I bring all this up because of the intense quest for truth at this time vs. overwhelming effort at deceiving human kind. This will relate to both the Mercury-Venus square to Neptune which I have discussed and also the upcoming Pluto-Sun conjunction on Dec. 30th. Since Pluto entered Capricorn on 2008, these conjunctions involving corporate power plays have indicated such manipulations.

 The chart below is set for 8:42 AM Universal Time for London with Sagittarius rising @ critical 29 degrees. I expect some major economic news to come out Europe tomorrow. Plus with Pluto and Mars in the first house some huge sociological upheavals will could occur involving the military and war efforts. But first a major element inherent in any chart set for this lunation is the shape designated as Locomotive. Locomotive configurations occur when about one third of the circle is empty. With this type of chart it is necessary to designate the lead planet in this train. In order to find that planet in the horoscope we should point to the empty space,then move Counterclockwise until you reach that planet which in every case is Saturn, the Great Karmic Teacher. It is interesting that Jupiter is the ruler of the Sag. New Moon but Saturn, the planet of contraction, organization and reflecting the principle of crystalization is the prime mover. Again with so much expansion here I feel that Saturn will rein in these monster shifts and help us focus.

In the UK. like in the US the Heliacal Rising Star is intense Antares - one of the four royal stars and known as "the Heart of the Scorpion". Antares rising can be ruthless and obsessed with recognition kind of like the North Koreans and their missle/satellite launch which now appears to be out of control. North Korean satellite 'tumbling out of control,' US officials say
 The Heliacal Setting star for the UK is Alcyone the great central sun and the largest star of the Pleiades or Seven Sisters. Alycyone is connected to the desire to seek inner knowledge a counterpoint to the Sagittarian quest for outer wisdom. When Alcyone is setting there are usually great dramas when insights bubble up under great pressure.

 In the chart for  Washington DC ( set below for 3:42 AM) and for the West Coast of the USA. the Heliacal Setting Star is that demon entity Algol - Led by one's passions, to create or destroy. In the Washington, DC chart with Saturn rising in Scorpio, debt via the fiscal cliff is the main concern. Obviously with Saturn especially in the sign of the serpent things are breaking down and the desire for order and material security will be strong. Saturn also rules senior citizens, landowners and farmers who are all vulnerable to the takeover attempts by politicos. Saturn also denotes quarries, mines and the land in general and specific laws that could curtail development. Saturn will also have a direct effect on the Stock Exchange. Don't forget that Uranus is stationing direct in the 5th house relating to speculative interests per the Stock Markets and clearly financial astrologers like Ray Merriman have been calling for a reversal. My guess is a wild ride which will not only deal with gambling/games of chance but with entertainment and children news.

I am also including the video below as part of this report since it goes into everything from huge changes in terrestrial weather to deep, earth changes. This informative yet succint presentation centers on an electromagnetic shift which is taking place in our local solar system and beyond.

The author cites examples of astronomical  anomalies like.
 1. A growth of dark spots on Pluto
2. An unprecedented increase of auroras on Saturn
3. More dark spots on Neptune
4. The two-fold increase Jupiter's magnetic field.
 5. Massive increase in comets coming into our solar system.
5 a. Comets smashing through saturns rings 5 b. Comets smashing into jupiter (example: shoemaker levy)
6 Let me add: .New Comet 2012 S1 (ISON)May Become "One of Brightest in History" 

Now comes the prescient happenings of the last few days.  We view the latest  effects around our own space weather which are converging on this spectacular New Moon. Like NEO 479 or TotatisPotentially hazardous asteroid 4179 Toutatis sailed past Earth today

An amazing Geminid Meteor Shower set to peak on Dec. 13 and 14, 2012. Per Spaceweather: The earth is entered a stream of debris from rock comet 3200 Phaethon, source of the annual Geminid meteor shower. (In Greek mythology, Phaethon was he son of Helios and the Oceanid Clymene,) Phaethon was the one who drove his father's chariot and put the Earth is in danger of burning up and was killed by a thunderbolt from Zeus /Jupiter  to prevent further disaster)
A remarkable Geminid image the morning of Dec. 12th, per Antonio Finazzi of Chiuduno (BG), Italy. The fireball was visible even through the trees:

Also these amazing artic lights/auroras which sparklded even without any "geomagnetic storm" Per photographer Mike Theiss was traveling along the Dempster Highway just north of Eagle Plains, Canada, when the sky erupted in color. The sign in the foreground marks the latitude of the Arctic Circle:

While we are at it here is a picture from the UK's Telegraph that surfaced today and it relates to another sky phenomena.

This photo was taken by a passenger from Hong Kong to China's Kumming City who claims to have photographed a UFO on last Friday's flight. He also said many passengers saw it and took photos.
Picture: HAP/Quirky China News / Rex Features

In the video I introduced above regarding Electromagnetic Changes the author debunks global warming by explaining as I have been saying, that we have shifted into a time extreme weather of all kinds. He says that the weather may pale in comparison to the earthquake activity we may experience. I also say be on alert as we move from this New Moon to a ponderous and dramatic Full Moon on December 28th specifically on the West Coast of the USA. One of the primary themes is that this electromagnetic event is part and parcel the increase in chemtrails and geo engineering. In fact ethics involving the spraying and GMO activity relates directly to Jupiter opposing Venus-Mercury-Astraea over the next few days. None of these previously clandestine efforts to modify the weather ala the false belief that the elite can act as Gods will be secret for much longer. Stay tuned because much of the above is coming to a head with the Sagittarius New Moon.