Monday, November 05, 2012

Election 2012 - Mercury Retrograde, Voting Chaos amid Unbridled Enthusiasm


Update: Evening of November 6th. Despite the early election results with Obama declared a Winner!
Mercury is retrograde and there will be numerous challenges to this result and others. The day of the US Elections 2012 - November 6th. the same day that Mercury stations retrograde in Sagittarius, is illuminated by the Grand Fire Trine. Mercury, the Cosmic Messenger and often times trickster heads retro @ 3:04 PM Pacific.6:04 PM EST @ 5 degrees Sagittarius till Nov. 26th. Some things to know about Mercury Retrograde go here The Trickster is at it Again!
Mercury retrograde periods always involve a change of plans, meetings, rescheduling, reconsidering and caution with Grand Water Trine featuring Saturn(Scorpio)-Neptune(Pices) and Ceres (Cancer) adding an emotional intensity and psychic vibes...
we will also have a Grand Fire trine where action, enthusiasm, drama and theatre dominate as the Moon trines first Mercury then Juno/Mars in Sagittarius(independence/boistrous)along with Uranus in Aries - always a wild card, pioneer and revolutionary. This trine was a major boost for Obama reflecting his victory since Obama (born Aug. 4, 1961) with Mercury-Sun-Uranus and N.Node in Leo. Grand Fire trines also reflect both metaphorical and literal fires burning out of control.
In New Jersey:
Huge fire burning in New Jersey Review: The day of the US Elections - November 6th. the same day that Mercury stations retrograde in Sagittarius, is illuminated by the Grand Fire Trine

Not only could we have a repeat of the 2000 election but not in the sense of the presidential race-Obama is clearly a winner with the Moon in Leo and the Grand Fire Trine favoring him!
On other races including Senate seats and measures in many states we could be waiting for the results for days/weeks
Already according to the article below:
"We're looking at an election meltdown that is eerily similar to 2000, minus the hanging chads," said Dan Smith, a political science professor at the University of Florida.
Yes we are in for both massive delays and historic fireworks/action as a result.
Sandy may deter storm victims from voting and extend US election

A chart below is set for when Mercury stations retrograde in DC @ 6:04 PM EST
Gemini is rising in a close opposition to Mercury stationing retrograde @ 5 Sagittarius While Mercury sits on the 7th House Cusp both Mars-Juno(militant-crusading-independent) partnerships are firmly in the house of open enemies and cooperation... They oppose Jupiter (retro) and Vesta (focus) in dualistic Gemini adding to the duplicity and revisions needed to make this election reach a final vote.
The other chart below for the opening of the polls in he moring has Scorpio rising with Saturn in the 12th .
These are both intense and chaotic placements where some deception is present.
Notice too that N Node-Astraea (asteroid relating to justice) are conjunct Mercury stationing retrograde all in the first house
adding to a number of disruptions going forward.
Scorpio rising also relates to controversial and taboo subjects which are an integral part of this election.
Per Example: Marijuana Legalization May Pass In At Least 1 State This Year
State-level legalization would climax decades of struggle by reformers to convince voters that marijuana presents less of a threat to public safety than legal drugs, including alcohol. It would also show that pro-pot activists have learned from previous losses, like California's Proposition 19.
Since Mars and Pluto are the ancient and modern rulers of this chart and located in the money/investment house (2nd)
we could likely see some extreme swings in the stock markets.
Plus Mars-Juno are opposing Jupiter /Vesta in the  8th house which symbolizes debt and deficit.
chart below set for the normal time of opening of the polls in Washington, DC @ 7 AM EST
A symbolic time to start the   USA General Elections on Nov. 6th.