Friday, October 05, 2012

Saturn Enters Scorpio Right after Mercury - The Old Devil Wakes


Many people have been waiting with some trepidation for Saturn, a planet relating to contraction aka the Lord of Karma to enter the sign most related to extremes, sex, death, debt and taxes, Scorpio. Jupiter that planet representing expansion stationed in Gemini and moved retrograde on Oct. 4th causing a stir with everything from gas prices rising dramatically in California to sending a sarcastic, biting tweet during the debates about Obama's grandma - then apologizing. Jupiter  retro. in Gemini, also relates to communication and transportation. Mercury, the ruler of Gemini paves the way for Saturn by entering the Scorpion in the early morn @ 3:35 AM changing minds and mindsets. Time to dig deeper and investigate instead of just rapping about it.  Time for spies to ply their trade, time for espionage mentality.  The Wire might come to mind.

Saturn  is a planet related to the principle of crystallization and structure. Saturn has been described in less than glamorous tones with words like limitations, discipline, operating out of fear and humorless. Saturn has also been associated with the devil or Satan but actually is the  "Dweller on the Threshold" guarding the gates to true inner wisdom and freedom. Notice in the 15th. Arcanum or the Devil Card in the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck, those chains around the couple's necks can easily be lifted off once we see thru this false enslavement. In this card the Devil represents our bondage to material things rather than by an actual evil demon. The theme here obsession or an addiction to fulfilling our earthly base desires. Yes, Mars ruled Scorpio relates to many of those desires.

Saturn has been transiting in Libra since July 21, 2010.
 Saturn in the sign of the scales and beauty marked a time when people got serious about actors/actress, companionship, partnership, law, court rooms, social media and fashion.
 Saturn in Mars ruled, Scorpio won't compromise like Libra,
In fact Scorpio will forge ahead offering no quarter,  no clemency or no  mercy to the loser

 Saturn enters watery, fixed Scorpio connected to the 8th house tomorrow October 5th @ 8:34:14 PM Universal Time or 1:34:14 PM Pacific Time. The 8th house is connected to taxes, debt and other peoples money received thru inheritance or even joint finances. Making tomorrow's ingress even more potent is that Mercury enters Scorpio in the morning @ 3:35 AM PT or 10:35 AM UT which adds an element of revelation, a sharp mind, compulsive about getting to the bottom of things that are forbidden or taboo.  The chart below is set for 8:34:14 PM Universal Time and has Gemini rising with asteroid Vesta relating to commitment and focus in the area of communications.  Since Mercury the ruler of this chart is now in Scorpio, it takes a keen, sharp and investigative mind to cope with this change.

Saturn will remain in Scorpio till December 24th. 2014, we will have plenty of time to delve into the myriad of meanings here. Since Scorpio as a sign has garnered the most extreme meanings and traits. On the positive side, Scorpio, a feminine, nocturnal, autumnal is considered mysterious, sexually magnetic, charismatic. On the other side highly derogatory adjectives like insidious, vengeful, obsessive, cunning, treacherous, back stabbing etc. have graced this sign. Sure all of those emotions will bubble up and show their scary side during this transit. Yet there will be an emphasis on renewal, transformation, discipline and a movement to enhance sexual satisfaction. Ancient belief systems had it that scorpions were engendered from crabs. And when Saturn enters Scorpio a Grand Trine will be built to Ceres in the sign of the Crab, Cancer and to Neptune in the sign of the two fishes. Expect some huge events around the oceans and flooding just to name a few. In fact we have already seen Myths of star lore tell us that Skorpios (Scorpius) was a giant scorpion sent by the earth-goddess Gaia to slay the intimidating giant Orion who threatened to kill all the beasts of the earth. The Scorpion stung Orion on the heel (marked by the star Rigel, beta Orion) and killed him. These two opponents Orion and the Scorpion were placed amid the stars as their namesake constellations, but are positioned on opposite sides of the sky, one sets as the other rises. Interestingly when Saturn enters Scorpio shown in the chart above, the Moon-Jupiter together in Gemini will be conjunct Rigel which relates to the educator and disseminating knowledge. Mars which is at the last degree of Scorpio near the N Node is conjunct Toliman found in the constellation of the Centaur. Mars-Toliman together by longitude represent the rebel, activist who also is used by the authorities as a strong dominating power. In terms of fixed stars in paran at the time of this massive Scorpio ingress, lets look at the Heliacal Rising and Setting Stars for the chart for Saturn's ingress into Scorpio: First Alkes is the Heliacal Rising Star and found in the constellation Crater or the Cup which resides on the back of the Hydra. Alkes is the sacred cup representing something precious that we carry since we are the living vessel or body of knowledge. This could also include a special gift, talent or prophetic ability. In other words to be the living vessel of a sacred body of knowledge or philosophy Secondly Markab is the Heliacal Setting Star found in the saddle of Pegasus, the winged horse. Markab in this position is about standing firm for your beliefs and principles. Markab is also rising as Mars is culminating said to promote open handed efforts. More in keep with the Mercury-Saturn ingress into Scorpio according to Robson: Markab with Mars indicates quarrelsome, violent, many difficulties and losses through Mercurial affairs. Even darker, Elsbeth Ebertin claims that according to tradition Markab in conjunction with Mars, Uranus or Saturn, brings dangers from fire, weapons or explosions - that sounds par for the course.

By the end of the day this Friday, we will start seeing many of the hidden, volatile forces coming out of the shadows or mysteries and moving forward with great speed. From a meteorological perspective, with the ingress of Saturn into Scorpio forming a Grand Water Trine to Neptune and Ceres expect some really wet, flood conditions and extreme weather in North America and other parts of the world.