Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Aquarius Full Moon Rising - Orange County about to Explode?


August is shaping up to be one wild month which may even top July and it starts with tomorrow's Full Moon in "Electric" Aquarius. The operative words may be more like blockage, outage, stand-off, delay, controlled energy, resistance, confrontation..Don't forget Aquarius is a fixed sign while Libra-Aries-Capricorn are cardinal combinations when impulse is heightened and action is ready to begin on the drop of CME. We have already seen India hit by second grid collapse in two days: 670 million without power in larger outage. The mega outage in India was not isolated since we had another major power failure in Pakistan where things turned violent and even the Cayman Islands. The outages reflect both the Mars-Saturn applying conjunction exact on August 15th along with Mercury now retrograde and void of course near the Sun in Leo the power sign. Even the most amazing athletic feats at the London 2012 Olympics won't be able to totally distract us from some of the explosive disruptions that are yet to come in August. In fact I am writing this as a heads up for folks in the Orange County area and the West Coast.

I have been following this story since the murder of Manuel Diaz on Saturday July 21st. Manuel Diaz Allegedly Shot, Killed By Police: Protests Arise In Anaheim, CA On Saturday, the 21st of July, Mars the planet of action, sometimes brutal and aggressive outbursts was separating from a dangerous opposition to Uranus in risk-taking and militant Aries that day. The Moon was in Virgo ruled by Mercury except that Mercury was retrograde in expressive Leo which meant a fatal mistake in the world of law enforcement. Consider that Mars is in the sign of the peacekeeper who prefers indecision to aggression on one hand.  While on the other, immense pressures have been building since the exact opposition to Uranus and square to Pluto the destroyer on July 18th. In fact Mars is translating the frequencies of all the energies from the perilous TSQ and is moving toward a pressure filled conjunction with Saturn, that old devil and planet of structure. I have alluded to the Red Moon Moon coming on August 1st.  It appears that we may be on the brink of Martial Law and in all places
Disneyland even the Daily Kos is chiming in from an article published on July 29th - Police with grenade launchers guarding the entrance to Disneyland. 

The chart below is set for Anaheim on August 1st @ 8:27 PM. Aquarius is rising not just in Anaheim but the entire West Coast.

For the my astrologically challenged friends - Aquarius rising in this chart means lots of unexpected stuff will go down. Some of these surprises will be quite exciting and pleasant but other happenings will be more than a little shocking. So with Aquarius rising, the co-rulers of the Chart above are Uranus and Saturn which are in opposite houses. Uranus is posited in the 2nd house of values, banking and money. Uranus known as the cosmic revolutionary and is in Aries (militant sign) opposing Mars and Saturn in Libra (demanding justice but also creating disruptions-stalls) in the 8th house of destruction, debt, taxes and money put for supporting militarized police to keep order. Both the Sun and Mercury are both in dominant, super-dramatic Leo with Mercury retrograde when lots of mistakes, glitches happen are in the 6th house relating to public servants and the police. Remember that Mars, the archetype of the fighter/warrior had a long transit in Virgo (the sign relating to service) from November 11, 2011 all the way till July 3, 2012. Now that Mars is in Libra, the urge for justice and equality is strong. The chart above also has the Sun and Mercury opposing the Moon (represents the people but in the 12th house this relates to suppression). Hopefully nothing will happen with this lunation and things will calm down with peace prevaling but I am not betting on it. There are forces which are way beyond human control particularly the driving tumult and transformation of the Uranus-Pluto square which will remain in orb till March 2015. Nature's forces from quakes to fires to volcanic eruption are baked into the equation and the entire West Coast is overdue for a large quake as are other areas in the US and at Japan's nuclear powder keg - Fukushima Dai-ichi (dai-ichi means "number one"). The most crucial time period starts tomorrow and goes to August 17th and the New Moon in Leo.   This is a time when prayers are needed along with positive visualizations for a better world after the rotting system collapses and rises from the ashes.