Sunday, May 31, 2009

Monday is bankruptcy for GM as Mars Changes Signs and Neptune Stationed Retro

NEW YORK ( -- General Motors, the nation's largest automaker and for decades an icon of American manufacturing, stood on the brink of a bankruptcy filing and a de facto government takeover on Monday.

The news was pre-announced and even though, we were all expecting GM to announce inevitable failure and financial resignation, the timing was marked by astrological transits of Note. Mercury had stationed direct on May 30th @ 6:22 PM two days after Neptune, the planet of defeat and denial had stationed retrograde two days before @ 9:31 PM PDT.
Now that Neptune stationed retrograde one day after a conjunction with Jupiter in the collective sign Aquarius (May 27th) we the American people own would own 60 percent of "new GM". Neptune has a way of dissolving everything including old iconic companies like GM or countries like Pakistan.

Neptune accepts limitless boundaries and helps mergers.
In fact the chart below has Pisces Mid-Heaven with Uranus/Juno on either side and close to the MC - all ruled by Neptune.
The Aquarian triumvirate comprised of Chiron-Jupiter-Neptune all at 26 degrees Aquarius. The Sabian for 27 degrees Aquarius really is about throwing in some wild cards - "At an informal dance party,the host turns to her husband and makes gentle jokes about their friends." or another interpretation "An ancient pottery bowl filled with violets. " Both symbols speak fo starting new in the face of despair or difficulties. This can be distilled as being composed and cool in the face of unsettling or despairing changes.
The government is “a reluctant equity owner” that “will protect the taxpayers’ investment by managing its ownership stake in a hands-off commercial manner,” the Obama administration said yesterday
But more than $40 billion of federal help to GM will be converted into the 72.5% stake in the new company. Taxpayers would make back the money loaned to GM if shares of the new GM increase dramatically in value following an exit from bankruptcy.

Denial is even stronger reflecting the current Neptune-Jupiter transit especially with Jupiter stationing retrograde on June. 15th.
Note: “GM going through bankruptcy is a very positive thing for the auto industry: They should emerge as a reasonable competitor,” said Len Blum, managing director at investment- banking firm Westwood Capital LLC in New York. “The only thing that’s been holding GM back is labor contracts and relationships with debtors and franchisees. All that should be cleansed in a bankruptcy.”

Perhaps the real catalyst of capitulation, Mars had changed signs from more bravado, risk taking Aries to the fixed earthy sign of Taurus for completion.
Mars @ 0 degrees Taurus in the public 10th house is gaining speed and applying to a TSQ with the Nodes of Destiny and trine to Plutonic transformation
represented by the Lord of the Underworld now retrograde 2 degrees 31 minutes Caprcorn.

A bankruptcy petition will be filed on Monday at 8 a.m., according to a source with direct knowledge of the bankruptcy proceedings.
Below the chart for this event is pictured with Ascendant/Descendant at critical 15 degrees of Cancer/Capricorn axis of security.

Back to Mars, we have an impending Mars Square Neptune on July 6th - the same day Mars Squares Jupiter (for laws to be changed or up for debate)

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