Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mira Speeds Thru the Galaxy as Quakes Impact Peru - Signs of the Mutable Cross

With Sun-Mercury exactly combust in Leo trine Pluto, this was a day for huge announcements: One originating 350 Light Years from Earth as NASA put out a press release and streaming audio this morning about new evidence of an incredible variable star. Then this evening at 6:40:56 PM EST - a Mega Quake with Magnitude of 7.9 struck off the coast of Peru near ICA. Two major dramatic events that befit this Leo Stellium adding Saturn-Venus to Sun-Mercury all trine Pluto - at the same time Moon in Mercury ruled Virgo is almost exactly SQ Pluto (the lord of destruction leading toward cleanup and yes Purification).
This speeding red giant is huge: comet-like tail which stretches a startling 13 light-years across the sky
Mira's Hurling Thru Space - Shades of the Blue Kachina
Hopi Prophecy states: "When the Blue Star Kachina makes its appearance in the heavens, the Fifth World will emerge". This will be the Day of Purification."

A new ultraviolet mosaic from NASA's Galaxy Evolution Explorer shows a speeding star that is leaving an enormous trail of "seeds" for new solar systems. The star, named Mira (pronounced my-rah) after the latin word for "wonderful," is shedding material that will be recycled into new stars, planets and possibly even life as it hurls through our galaxy.
Because Mira is not moving with the "pack," it is moving much faster relative to the ambient gas in our section of the Milky Way. It is zipping along at 130 kilometers per second, or 291,000 miles per hour, relative to this gas.
As news of the major tremor in Peru began to dominate the media stories of Strong aftershocks continuing into morning hours - stories with banners like - 48 dead as 7.9 quake rocks Peru were commonplace.
As we began the Crescent Moon phase on Thursday - 8-16 and Libra leads the Moon from
a powerful trigger which set this current Mutable Cross in sympathy with the earth's crust vibrating like a tuning fork gone mad.
In the earthquake chart below right: Mars in dualistic Gemini is found right on the
IC with a strong opposition to both Vesta-Jupiter in Sagittarius and SQ both the Nodes in water-earth ala Pisces (Tsunami prone) North Node vs. Virgo (earth-driven)
Now just to make it interesting Jupiter is applying to another SQ with Uranus.

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