Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Blue Moon 5-31 2007: Crying the Blues or Soaring in the Wild Blue Yonder?

Perhaps things have seem a bit weird lately? Some of us Light Bringers may have felt a bit discouraged especially with the constant media spin to keep us in old age of Pisces. Or saddened by the "Demagogues" disguised as champions of our troops give in to more war funding. This upcoming Full Moon @ 6:04 PM PDT is known as a Blue Moon will only add to the strangeness but with a dramatic flair. This lunation offers an opening, a portal into new strange worlds or as the Sabian Symbol for the degree of today's Sun located at 10 Gemini 11: "Newly opened lands offer virgin realms of experience." distinctly offers a chance to traverse new worlds.
With Jupiter transiting in sky changing and aerospace oriented Sagittarius and SQ that bizzare trickster Uranus, more and more people are talking about UFO sightings including a flotilla of unusual craft sighted over Lima Peru. and chemtrails. Finally chemtrails are reaching the mainstream media with this recent report via video out of Southern California = Toxic Sky - Is the government manipulating the weather? Before we get carried away and start blaming a chart that has mutable TSQ with Moon-Vesta in Sagittarius (true believers -emotionally obsessed) opp Sun in Gemini SQ Uranus. Lest we forget the active, cardinal energies have been moving quickly with a TSQ forming between Mars-Juno-Libra and Mercury in the sign of tender feelings but tenancious Cancer.
...let's check the facts about the term: "Blue Moon".

Due to a trick of time zones and timing, the month of May 2007 has the two Full Moons in the US and places west of the Meridien - the first on May 2 in Scorpio (the Wesak Moon) and the second on May 31 in Sagittarius @ 10* 11'. Yet for those folks who live in the UK, Ireland and places east of the Meridien (Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand), it is June 2007 that has two Full Moons, the first on June 1 in Sagittarius and the second on June 30, in Capricorn.

Tension has been building as Mercury entered Cancers on May 27th right on time for Memorial day when memories become soaked with tears. So many are wishing for the good ole' days knowing they will never return This time that winged, trickster messenger is stirring up not just feelings but with an applying SQ to Mars now in highly aggressive Aries - gotta do things now filled with impulse, we have starts of quarrels, accidents, and protests. Despite this emotionally charged landscape there is an air of mystery with Neptune now recently stationed an entering retrograde period on May 24th. In the world of esoteric astrology Neptune is ruler of Cancer.
Holy Merkaba are we all nut cases with Neptune edging closer to another opposition to Saturn - as we watch forms and institutions slowly dissolving?

Perhaps one of the best ways to describe much of the energies that are being stirred up today is how many are just beginning to discover and fight THE WAR ON CONSCIOUSNESS as elucidated by Paul Levy As of May 31st the 9-11 truth movement is stronger then ever as Loose Change, the Final Cut will be released soon. The debunkers (Saturn in Leo)of everything from Inside Job to EBE's and UFO's, no matter how vociferous or blatantly cruel like the O'Reilly's and Chertoff's are facing a wave of truth that is unstoppable!

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