Monday, July 18, 2016

Mars Rising on the West Coast and Active Everywhere With a Full Buck Moon


The Full Buck Moon shines on the great and small. Check out this awesome picture taken by Donato now on Spaceweather's Realtime Image Gallery

The Warrior Mars is integral to this July 19th. Lunation after stationing direct on June 29th. Which set the stage for lots of the drama in July. When stationing, Mars was @ 23 degrees 3 minutes of Scorpio an intense, brave, mysterious and at times vengeful placement being Quincunx (150 degrees) from Uranus/Ceres both in Aries With this Sabian Symbol: "Crowds coming down the mountain to listen to one inspired person." There will be a huge audience but not everyone will want to hear the message. Many in the crowd will be extremely gullible and easily influenced. More evidence of the anger, resolve, decisive actions of the red planet's influence is out of China where: Mammoth blade-wielding ‘God of War’ statue unveiled in China China have redefined the concept of ‘statue’ and put Lady Liberty to shame with the unveiling of a colossal 1,320-ton, 58-meter-high statue of legendary general and “God of War” Guan Yu.
Heat Dome Over the US
Besides attacks, cutting, biting etc. that come with Mars don't forget the extreme heat. Warnings came last week with the media noting: A giant heat dome is poised to envelop the U.S. The heat wave will start in the Plains states and parts of the intermountain West, eventually spreading to the West Coast, South and Midwest by Thursday, July 21. The heat wave is also likely to seep northward into southern Alberta and Ontario. Update here: Heat dome has tens of millions sweating from Minneapolis to Mississippi
Although the heat may not topple many records, the combination of temperatures running between 15 and 25 degrees Fahrenheit above normal along with high humidity will make this heat event a particularly dangerous one for public health. It has been quite a while since I posted on the blog but with the acceleration of high strangeness and mass weirdness, it seemed like time. Tomorrow's Full Moon in Capricorn begins @ 3:56 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Native Americans named this lunar passage in July the Full Buck Moon since stags started to grow  new antlers around this post solstice period.  Keep in mind that this  full Moon was also known as the Thunder Moon, because thunderstorms are so frequent during this month.  Just go to
and see lead story about Severe Storms in the Northeast. 
Let's cut to the chase and look at a chart set for San Francisco, CA @ 3:56 PM where we see Mars rising prominently in Scorpio and direct at 26 degrees with an appropriate Sabian symbol: "Indians making camp in new territory." This image is all about adjusting and acclimatizing to new circumstances. The theme of militancy, desire, sex action and even obsession is emphasized by the ascendant @ 27 degrees Scorpio per this Sabian: "A military band marches nosily on through the city streets."
When we look at the primary aspects to Mars we see the red planet and ruler of Scorpio in reception to the Moon in Capricorn - Mars is exalted in the organized and controlling sign of the Goat. Mars is also involved in a volatile Yod (finger of God) with a sextile to the goddess of justice, Astrea in Virgo and Uranus now in 25 degrees Aries (Uranus is exalted in Scorpio) all adding to sudden actions relating to righting injustice. in a grand trine to the Sun and Chiron (Pisces) In the San Francisco chart below - Chiron the wounded healer and emblem of sacrifice is posited in the 4th house involving families, land, real-estate, water and the end of the matter.

Also with Saturn ruler of the Capricorn in the intercepted in the first house and aligned thru rulership with the Moon and Pluto in an active earth sign we may want to pay attention to tectonic changes. Notice the series of quakes that have been happening over the last couple of days in the Ridgemark/Hollister/San Juan Bautista area of Central California. Call it what it is - an earthquake swarm still happening: Let's not forget that the San Francisco Bay is also Pokemon country  and with Uranus (the planet of the sudden and unusual along with technology) hanging out in the 11th. house of games and in an agitated aspect to Mars - anything is possible with this game. The latest in this mind-numbing mega trend:  Pokemon player hits police cruiser
Even though this story came out of Baltimore, I expect to see more of the same in SF.
Perhaps Pokemon zealots should examine the darker side of participating in this madness

Over at the RNC we see lots of evidence of the red planet. Notice the Full Moon set for Cleveland @ 6:56 PM EDT. has Mars in the 11th. house of groups, crowds and mass behavior.

Already today there have been several altercations, disruptions and attacks. Alex Jones was attacked too at this Chaotic Cleveland Circus.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

World Series 2014 Game Seven Giants vs. Royals thru an Astrological Lens


FINAL SCORE - GIANTS WIN 3 TO 2 OVER THE ROYALS AND BAUMGARNER BREAKS RECORDS!!!! Bumgarner leads SF Giants to Game 7 win, third World Series title in five seasons

The Giants win three World Series in the last five years and the first team since 1979 to win game 7 on the road.  We are in historic times for sure and with all the geo-political and geo-cosmic changes per the ongoing Uranus-Pluto waxing square (which began on 2012 and end on 2015) it should be no surprise that in the world of sports this is happening.
On an individual level, the MVP of this 2014 World Series, Madison Bumgarner characterizes the drive, persistence and winning attitude of the Giants.  With his performance tonight, here are some of the records that he smashed. 

What were the astrological circumstances that led to this unbelievable win for the SF Giants?

It is the final game of the World Series with maximum excitement and cheering coming from the crowds at Kaufman Field in KC. Tonight's blog is not about making predictions but describing the potential and reality of both the SF Giants and the KC Royals to win it all. We are in a period when records are being broken and historic events are being recorded. Note that in astrology, contacts with Uranus usually result in first time events and record breakers. The Moon continues in traditionally conservative Capricorn but it is Mars also in the sign of the mountain goat that will not let this game be anything but usual. On my website I have been chronicling the transit of Mars the planet most influential for athleticism (representing desire and vitality) in cardinal Capricorn applying to an explosive 90 degree angle to Uranus, the shocker and progenitor of sudden events. This Mars-Uranus square is also known to cause accidents and in this game two Royals players, Perez and Gordon have been hit by Giants pitching. After last nights 10 to 0 debacle for the Giants, the Royals appear to have the momentum to win but let's take a closer look. But first another of tonight's record breakers was another Leo who plays to the crowd and loves is fans - Pablo Emilio Sandoval, Jr., (born August 11, 1986) who set an MLB record for the  most hits in a single postseason, 26.  Pablo has a Grand Fire trine with a close 120 degree angle from his  Sun (identity an leadership) to his natal Uranus in Sagittarius (representing sudden and exciting hits and defensive plays) to his natal N. Node in Aries 

That said let's look at a chart set for tonight's first pitch which I recorded at 7:11 PM CDT Once again for this latitude Taurus is the ascendant representing the Royals and @ 25 degrees is opposing Saturn in Scorpio in the sixth house
Since the 5th. house cusp describes how the Royals play the game and it is Virgo relating to deliberate, precise playing and Mercury the ruler is in the sixth near the N. Node - the score can and will shift quickly. Now for the Giants represented by the sign on the DSC, Scorpio we look toward Mars (ancient ruler ) found in the house of Scorpio the 8th applying toward a conjunction with Pluto. the Giants will be the comeback team per the Phoenix effect of Scorpio! Plus both Ceres and Vesta, two asteroids representing nurturing and devotion/focus are in risk-taking Sagittarius.

 Update: On the top of the 4th. inning, the Giants have gone ahead 4 to 3 After Gemini Jeremy David Affeldt (born June 6, 1979) relieved Hudson, the starter and did an admirable job, Bouchy brought in the big guns, with Leo superstar Madison Baumgarner (born Aug. 1, 1989) coming on in the bottom of the 5th. As I  mentioned in a year with Jupiter expanding the power, fame and performance of Leos, Madison stands out with his natal Moon-Sun-Mercury-S. Node and Mars all in the sign of the Lion-hearted. Yet for tonight we have to look at his natal Uranus-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn which resonated with the current Mars transit reflecting tonight's record breaking performance.
Below is Madison's Natal Chart:

By the sixth inning, we should have expected the Giants to pull out all the stops considering Vesta in Sagittarius (representing bold moves) and applying to a trine with Uranus in Aries. On the other side with the Moon in Cappy applying to a trine to the Ascendant, the Royals shouldn't be counted out and at 3 to 2, a one run deficit may not be enough for the Giants to win, if it wasn't for Madison. It was obvious by the 9th. inning that Madison Baumgarner had achieved something that no other pitcher in a World Series had - most innings pitched. Plus Madison had only allowed one run in his entire World Series career. After giving up a triple, Madison held the Royals to give the Giants an incredible comeback Win!!!  He is a true super hero who personifies the Grateful Dead
tune Fire on the Mountain.   Bumgarner's remarkable Game 7 performance made him the first pitcher to throw at least four scoreless innings in a World Series Game 7 on two days' rest since Sandy Koufax's notable shutout for the Dodgers in 1965. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

World Series 2014 Game Six Giants vs. Royals thru an Astrological Lens

We are in a time of momentous events when history is being made daily. Since the last solar eclipse on October 23rd. where the Sun/Moon and Venus were all combust in Scorpio and Mars was at the time Out of Bounds in Sagittarius, there have been unusual and strange occurrences. Many of those happenings have been sudden destructive like the unmanned NASA-contracted rocket exploded early Tuesday evening Speaking of historical events, here we are at Game Six of the 2014 World Series
The Giants lead the series 3 games to 2 for the Royals and have the momentum to win their 3rd World Series in Five Years
This is one game that won't be dull since Mars now in restrained and exalted Capricorn is in positive alignments to the Sun/Venus/Saturn all in passionate Scorpio.
Many factors are at play but with Scorpio, it will be the total intensity of play which will decide the winner.
The Royals are hungry but and less experienced with post season play
Let's look at a chart set for the first pitch in Kansas City @ 7:07 PM CDT
Taurus is rising where the ascendant usually represents the home team - Kansas City Royals
Scorpio is on the cusp of the 7th. in Scorpio along with Saturn which would represent the SF Giants
Saturn is a huge detriment for the Giants which could relate to loosing this came and Peavy's bruised thumb.
(Note that Ceres and Vesta are intercepted in fiery Sagittarius in the 7th. for the Giants and could mean a surge in later innings )
Venus ruler of this chart sits in the sixth house near the Sun in Scorpio which is an advantage for the Royals
The starting pitcher for the Royals, Yordano “Ace” Ventura Hernandez born June 3, 1991) whose fast ball is notorious and has been clocked at 102 mph. Yordano has a natal Mars-Jupiter conjunct in Leo which is a big advantage with Leo on the 5th. house cusp.
Yet in Yordano's chart Mars- Jupiter are also opposing Saturn can also make mistakes
and allow the long ball from one of the giants heavy hitters.

Jake Peavy is 10 years older than Ace Ventura (born May 31, 1981) who has an awesome cutter, slider and mixes things up when throwing
is a steady pitcher
who can surpirse batters with Mars in fixed Taurus opposing Uranus
Peavy also has Mercury and Venus Out of Bounds in Cancer and Gemini respectively which could mean some errors or mistakes. When we look at how the Giants play the game we find the 11th house (counted as 5th from the 7th) we see Aquarius @ 29 degrees but Neptune (confusion/uncertainty) is intercepted in Pisces. Not a positive sign.

Friday, October 24, 2014

World Series 2014 Game Three Giants vs. Royals thru an Astrological Lens


This Friday, October 24th. just one day after a momentous Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, Game Three is on tap tonight @ 5:07 PM Pacific for the first pitch. We are now at pivotal Game Three of the World Series in San Francisco with the Royals and Giants tied at one game apiece. I am predicting the Giants Take Game Three and later in this report I will explain why! Of the 56 previous occasions in which the World Series has been tied at a game apiece, the home club is 26-30 in Game 3, winning three of the last five. Pitching for the Giants is veteran right hander Tim Hudson (born July 14, 1975) with a tenacious Sun-Saturn conjunction in cardinal, Cancer and Mars in persistent Taurus. Tonight Hudson is supported by a harmonious trine from these Scorpio planets and bodies: Venus-Sun-Moon-Pallas-Saturn and Ceres. Since all those Scorpio planets are ruled by Mars and Pluto both in the most public of all houses the 10th. The Tim will be making his first World Series start, Tim Hudson is trying to help the Giants gain a 2-1 Series advantage. His control and steadiness will keep the Giants in the game till the middle innings when hopefully the Giants have scored multiple times on singles, doubles and at least one home run.

Before we go into more details about the astrology chart below set for the first pitch, it appears that with Aries rising, there should be lots of explosive action and our share of hits. Even if the game turns out to low scoring at first and appears to be pitcher's duel, there is a coiled feeling that things could break out any time. With Aries rising and Uranus in the first expect the unexpected along with sudden hits and record breaking defensive plays. Speed on the bases will be another factor in the game as will be the relievers not just throwing heat but being accurate. Yet in the final score it will be those hits and sacrifice plays that drive in runs which will separate the winner from the loser.
Using the Ascendant Aries to represent the Giants we see that Mars ruler of this chart is at Mid-Heaven in expansive and volatile Sagittarius and has I have been saying Mars is Out of Bounds so we will see some extremes

\ Chart Below:
Looking at the chart above, I have ascribed the KC Royals to the Descendant. ( So called because planets at this point descend beneath the horizon and are no longer visible to the naked eye. ) The descendant is the degree of the ecliptic (zodiac) that meets the western horizon, and which denotes the 7th house cusp. Libra is on the 7th house cusp with the Scorpio stellium of Venus-Sun-Pallas all in Scorpio with a one degree orb. Mercury found in the 7th. and now stationing to finally move direct along side the N. Node. This could mean more errors or mistakes from the Royals. There are four TSquares in this chart all mostly involving the ongoing Uranus-Pluto waxing square known for sudden upheavals on and off the field. One of those potentially tumultuous disruptions could even involve the weather for Game Four with e clouds ready to let loose with some powerful rain. If the Giants win this one, which I am still saying they do, they will take the entire series especially since the rains could mean a major delay which will eat at the Royals resolve and confidence.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Potent Partial Eclipse in Scorpio Adds Intenstiy


Today's New Moon is in the sign of Death, Rebirth, Transformation, Secrets and great Passions, Scorpio. It is also a Partial Solar Eclipse. There are many layers to this highly potent event.

 Generally Solar Eclipses which fall on a new moon tend to bring about events that are more external and focus on outer happenings and personalities. Lunar eclipses are more internal and emotionally oriented but with this eclipse rules like this will be broken. Keep in mind that the very nature of Scorpio is deep, dark, intense and passionate moving from the internal to the external. This eclipse will continue to open portals for the light and dark. For some it will seem likean opportune time for many strange psychic phenomena to materialize. This is the  perfect eclipse for cloaking devices,  shape shifters, warg,s wizards, witches  or even zombie (since the Sun-Moon-Venus in the sign fo the Scorpion will be trine Neptune in Pisces).  The media will continue to paint more images of weirdness and even try to deny
any glitches that have been happening in the Matrix after yesterday's lunar occultation of Mercury. In Notice this "tongue in cheek" article from the HuffPost discussing The Worst Places To Seek Refuge During The Zombie Apocalypse!

This highly significant and powerful eclipse occurs on October 23, 2014 @ 2:56 PM PDT or 5:56 PM EDT
The Sun and Moon will be @ 0 degrees 24 minutes of Scorpio and the Sabian Symbol for 1 degree Scorpio is:
"A sightseeing bus filled with tourists."
This image speaks of observing life, enjoying the unknown and less traveled journey. On that sojourn we will see lots of emphasis on the unusual, strange and mysterious.
Here is a real life example relating to the Sabian Symbol above:
A video of a
San Francisco - city sightseeing tou guide at her last working day

Regarding traveling, in this eclipse Vesta, an asteroid connected to both the hearth and devotion is in Sagittarius and moving close to fixed star Antares. In other words there could be danger from traveling as this eclipse develops over the next few months. Antares, is a red binary star, found near the center of the constellation Scorpius and was sometimes called "the Heart of the Scorpion." Everyone seems to agree that Antares blends the nature of Mars and Jupiter. Whether it is Robson or Ebertin, older astrologers tend to connect Antares to both a martial and malefic nature. Robson waxes negative saying that "Antares causes malevolence, destructiveness, liberality, makes its natives rash, ravenous, headstrong and destructive to themselves by their own obstinacy." I don't necessarily agree about Vesta in Sagittarius which can help athletes achieve greatness.  Of course Elsbeth Ebertin (from that German family dedicated to astrology) continues with the bad rap: according to tradition, Antares is of violent character and is credited with being significant for a violent death, either in battle or by process of law. On the other hand, danger may come about by fire, weapons or machinery.

More importantly the  Sun/Moon will also be conjunct the planet of love and pleasure Venus so that the Moon actually occults or eclipses Venus @ 2:12 PM Pacific less than an hour before the new moon. Venus is in the sign of her ‘fall’ in tropical Scorpio, having entered Scorpio@ 1:52 PM, just before the partial solar eclipse.

 Eclipse facts and visibility:
The partial solar eclipse on October 23, 2014 will be visible from many parts of the United States and Canada. The next lunar eclipse, as seen from the states, will be on April 4th, 2015. That eclipse in the spring of 2015 is another Blood Moon event. Partial solar eclipses happen when the Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth, but they don't align in a perfectly straight line. Because of this, the Moon only partially covers the Sun's disc. In a partial solar eclipse, the Sun looks like the Moon has taken a bite out of it. This is because the Moon casts the lighter, outer part of its shadow, the penumbra, on Earth. The eclipse will be seen from 49 states except Hawaii! Maine, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island will technically see the eclipse, but it is very unlikely, since the eclipse will begin seconds before sunset. The eclipse will begin near the Kamchatka Peninsula in eastern Sibera at 19:38 (7:38 pm) UTC. As it moves east, much of North America will be able to see a partial solar eclipse. The maximum eclipse will take place at 21:45 (9:45 pm) UTC over Canada's Nunavut Territory near Prince of Wales Island.

Today we will have a triple conjunction all in a critical degree which is called a ‘via combusta,’ or ‘the burning path’ of the skies which can be considered to be weakening. Per Skyscript: The area between 15 Libra and 15 Scorpio is termed the Via Combusta: 'Fiery Road' or 'Combust Way'. It is considered to be a debilitating area, particularly detrimental to the Moon. Al Biruni wrote of it: "The combust way is the last part of Libra and the first of Scorpio. These two signs are not congenial to the Sun and the Moon on account of the obscurity and ill-luck connected with them and because each of them is the fall of one of the luminaries."

 There is no doubt that this conjunction of the Sun-Moon-Venus will effect relationships and particularly women & women's issues along with revealing secrets. In a chart set for Washington DC @ 5:56 PM EDT. Venus falls in the ‘angle of the West,’ or 7th house which in astrology is also known as the House of Marriage, Partnerships open enemies and all types of relationships. In the chart below, Aries is rising ahead of the S. Node and Uranus putting oneness on surprise attacks or confrontations. Ruler of this Chart, Mars is in the 9th house in Sagittarius and Out of Bounds by declination and conjunct fixed star Acumen which I cover later in this report. Suffice to say, Acumen, a companion to Aculeus is known to literally cause problems with eyesight. More likely we are talking about a morbid outlook, when people are seeing the worst rather than the best in everything. Since Mars is in the sign of the archer, Sagittarius, religious views will be affected, and there is a tendency to be either the 'hellfire and damnation brigade' or to will rail in a fierce athiest, anti-religious and even anti-God stance

Using longitude the only star that the Sun-Moon-Venus and close to is a minor fixed Miaplacidus, a star in Argo the ship. Miaplacidus found in the the keel of Argo the Great Ship is now @ Scorpio 1º 58’. Robson says of the constellation Argo.“Is said to give prosperity in trade and voyages, and strength of mind” The star is in the Keel, which holds the whole ship together like a spine and is build first. Mars (ancient ruler of Scorpio) will be conjunct fixed star Acumen, an open cluster of stars above the stinger of the Scorpion.
Acumen is a companion cluster of star to Aculeus which tends to have the same nature and influence
Per Robson, Acumen merges the nature of Mars and the Moon and effects the eyesight.
Acumen is said to cause blindness of one or both eyes (or being mentally blind to what is happening around you). Robson goes on to say that if Acumen is in conjunction with an afflicted luminary (Sun or Moon) or in conjunction with a malefic that afflicts the luminaries...

A  preview of the New Moon/Partial Eclipse Chart set for San Francisco @ 2:57 PM PDT on October 23rd.
Look Below and notice that Aquarius is rising @ 10 degrees for some extra surprises and ruler Uranus is in the 2nd house of investing
along with a packed 8th house where the Sun-Moon-Venus are all in Scorpio relating to secret debt and intimacy in marriage and relationships
This position   of the Scorpio conjunction in the 8th house will connect to the deceased, autopsies, inheritances/heirs , partner's possessions, sexuality, loans and a lot more. Having this triple conjunction in the natural house of Scorpio will explicate many things including new secrets uncovered about about sex, taboos and many extreme news items.
Chart Below:
Note that Venus in the 8th house for the Pacific Coast tends toward an attraction to what is forbidden, erotica, even faded and macabre. It will start to feel like an erotic/exotic ball even before All Hallows and with Mars the consort of Venus, finishing up that riotous transit in Sagittarius and entering Capricorn on October 25th. more cryptic and occult. Two days after the eclipse on October 25, 2014 partial eclipse, Venus will shift to ‘evening star’ cycle (until August 2015) and will rise and set after the Sun. Venus plays the role of the Evening Star, Hesperus, which means western. It is said that Evening Star Venus types are more likely to be passive, prone to being invisible yet can be highly strategic in their actions. Venus not only symbolizes emotional processes and attitudes,but also how we interpret, evaluate and make sense of our life-experiences and the world around us. As the ruler of the 2nd house and Taurus, it is how we relate to possesions and how they possess us.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

World Series 2014 Game Two Giants vs. Royals thru an Astrological Lens

Tonight we are back at Kauffman Stadium in KC and after last night's thorough whipping of the Royals by the comeback team of the decade, the SF Giants, undoubtedly the KC kids are out for blood. Historically the team that wins the first game usually takes the series and as Giants fan I believe they will but Game Two will be tough. Even though from an astrological standpoint both charts for game one and game two seem similar, there is strange energy tonight as we build up toward tomorrow's Partial Eclipse in Scorpio. This eclipse a partner to the Total Lunar eclipse on Oct. 8th will be visible over much of North America. And in the USA from 49 states except Hawaii! Maine, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island will technically see the eclipse, but it is very unlikely, since the eclipse will begin seconds before sunset. Everyone could feel the tension before the game started. When we look at the final score and think back to the start of the game, it seemed counter-intuitive reflecting both Mercury retrograde, Mars Out of Bounds in Sagittarius and Venus Void of Course There was a Royal Reversal as the Giants dropped the second game of the World Series to the KC Royals - 7 to 2.
Update: First Inning seemed lie replay witGregor Blanco hit the first leadoff homer in the World Series since 2004. With Blanco's hitting this blast in Game 2, we expected the Giants to kick ass again. That is not exactly what happened as the Royals got another run themselves in the bottom of the first and by the 2nd inning were ahead leading 2 to 1. Then in th 4th. Sandoval and Belt put two well hit doubles together. Two batters later, Brandon Belt doubled to even the score. Adding to the sudden change of score tonight is that Uranus still in orb of the S. Node in Aries is supported by Mars the ruler of the Ram
Uranus is also conjunct fixed star Alpheratz,s a double star, with magnitudes, 2.2 and 11, colored white and purple and found on the head of Andromeda the Chained Woman. Alpheratz is said to give independence, freedom, love, riches, honor and a keen intellect. Combine with Uranus and shocking and irregular behavior can also occur - More on the Hunter Strickland's sudden angry disruption in the 6th. inning. It all started with a a two-run homer by Omar Infante off Hunter Strickland. The way it came down was that Strickland, the rookie reliever, started barking angrily at Perez, the American League’s starting catcher in the All-Star Game, when Perez and Infante crossed the plate. In full Mars in Sagittarius out of bounds style there was a lot of posturing happened and even brought many of the Royals onto the field, and when Strickland was lifted for Jeremy Affeldt, one of the umpires even escorted Strickland off the field.
Note that Strickland (born Sept. 24 1988) has both his natal Uranus in Out of Bounds by declination and Mars in fiery Aries in opposition to his natal Sun in Libra. He also has Saturn @ 27 degrees and Uranus @ 28 degrees both conjunct Aculeus which is an open cluster of stars above the stinger of the Scorpion. Aculeius is a companion to cluster to M7, Acume which is closely conjunct Mars at tomorrow's Solar Eclipse Aculeius like Acumen negative Mars-Moon quality in people who have them poorly aspected, with a tendency towards a morbid outlook, seeing the worst rather than the best in everything. . By the seventh,the Royals had a flurry of hitting adding another 5 runs. By the bottom of the seventh the score was 7 to 2 in the Royals favor. Looking at the Sun and Venus in the last or Third Decan and the ruler Jupiter now in Leo which supports this Taurus is rising which I will call the Royals using both the ascendant for the home team and the color blue closer to Taurus than Orange With Scorpio on the descendant/7th. house we relate to the Giants colors of Orange and Black. One of the subtle differences is that Venus ruler of the Home Team is moving closer to a beneficial conjunction with the Sun. That conjunction won't occur till tomorrow @ 2:21 PM when both signs will be in Scorpio @ 1 degree. These early degrees of Scorpio from 1 to 10 are called "Decans" meaning 10. When we look at the Table of Faces (or Decanates) we see that Mars is the ruler. Scorpio is also planet relating to transformations and in this case to a type of resurrection. Of overall the Giants themselves are the champions of Phoenix like behavior during the 2014 season. Keep in mind that Mars the planet which most correlates to energy, desire and athletic ability is now out of bounds in Sagittarius when extremes can occur. Also with Mercury (retro.) near the N. Node of future fate in the sign of the scales, things can tip either way with this game. chart below:
Speaking of the scales of Libra by the 4th inning, the Giants had tied it. Sandoval led off the top of the fourth inning with a double after his liner to deep center field bounced off Lorenzo Cain's glove just before Cain crashed into the wall. Two batters later, Brandon Belt doubled to right field off Kansas City starter Yordano Ventura to tie it at 2.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

World Series 2014 Game One Giants vs. Royals thru an Astrological Lens

Final Score: Giants 7 Royals 1 Giants on a record breaking streak with 7 straight wins in all the post season series. Bumgarner now 3-0 in the Fall Classic Hunter Pence's two-run homer fueled a three-run first inning in Game 1 as the Giants proceeded to complement Bumgarner's seven-inning effort with their second-highest scoring total of the postseason Astrological Breakdown on How They Got There.
Here we are at the World Series. We have two Wild Card teams who persisted , one - the Giants, veterans of two other victories in 2010 and 2012 and their rival the Royals haven't been here since 1985 when Motely Crue was in the house. It has been 29 years since the Royals were here and they are focused on winning but so are the Giants. As I said in my last two astrological appraisals, impressions and semi-forecasts with Mercury still retrograde till October 25th, errors and mistakes could mean the difference between winning and losing. Also with Uranus retrograde and fired up in Aries and opposing tonight's Moon in Libra.
We seen some amazing and unexpected hits which have launched the Giants from the amazing Blood Moon Eclipse on October 8th. when the Moon and the planet of sudden shocks were cojoined. And the Giants who are one of the greatest post-season teams in history and players like the Panda, Pablo Sandoval who has rocked the ball with dynamic power like in the 2012 Series.

Without further hesitation even with today's indecisive Libra Moon, I am saying the Giants will hit the Royals hard in the early innings. The chart below is set for the first pitch tonight @ 7:07 PM CDT in KC. Using Sports Astrology where:

Taurus is rising which I will call the Royals using both the ascendant for the home team and the color blue closer to Taurus
With Scorpio on the descendant/7th. house we relate to the Giants colors of Orange and Black.
chart below:

Let's look at the two starting pitchers:

Let's look at the two starting pitchers:
Madison Bumgarner (born Aug. 1, 1989) vs.James Shields (born Dec. 20, 1981)

First of all Bumgarner who is hot and was given the MVP award just last week for his work in the NLCS Championship.
Bumgarner who not only has a dominant Leo stellium which can sustain over the long haul
along with a Uranus-Saturn combo in disciplined Capricorn and opposing Jupiter which is about spontaneity and originality
versus control and is also a "Lucky aspect".
Madison also has Uranus is slight Out of Bounds position which means the unexpected superlative performance.

James Shields who is an adaptable and bold Sagittiarus with Uranus-Juno-Vesta-Neptune-Sun all in the sign of the archer
He also has a close alignment between Mars, the planet representing desire, phsyical energy in Libra to his natal Uranus for sudden athletic performances.
this is an aspect which represents superb athletic inuituition.

Back to the analysis of the two pitchers: Madison Bumgarner vs.James Shields
Sagittarius Shields (born Dec. 20, 1981) the Royals pitcher is about 7 years older than ultra-Leo Bumgarner (born Aug. 1, 1989)
Both throwers can fire heat, cutters and have a change-up.
Of course from my stand point astrologically Shields is at disavantange due to a recent bout with kidney stones and with his natal stellium of Mars, Pallas, Saturn, Pluto and Moon all in Libra
and Libra rules the kidneys.
As the Grand Cardinal Square involving Uranus and Pluto in a waxing square
And with the tonight's moon transiting in Libra to square Pluto and Uranus (exact AM tomorrow) he could get blindsided. Also Shields has a natal Mars-Neptune conjunction in sometimes over-confident Sagittarius which can mean performing magical feats or falling prey to resignation and not finishing.
Below is a dual wheel chart with the older James Shields in the center and Bumgarner on the outer wheel:

Thursday, October 16, 2014

NLCS 2014 Game Five - Giants vs. Cardinals thru an Astrological Lens

Forget all that doom, gloom, fire & falling stones stuff.
Let go of the Ebola Propaganda, fear mongering and Psyops/Hoax
Take a break the sixth extinction and 7th root race and just have some fun on this Leo Moon

Now for some Baseball, Cheering, Peanuts and Popcorn..
I am specifically talking about Game Five of the NLCS with Giants vs. Cardinals
Will this be a repeat of last Wednesday night's game, a come from behind thriller?
In Game Four, the Giants out fielded, pitching and hitting the Cardinals To win 6 to 4.

Yes Game Five was not just a nail biter filled with what has been dubbed "torture over 9 innings" and nirvana at the end. Yes as with any moon in a fixed sign like Leo, it is all about alls well that ends well!
And for the Third time in Five Years:
The SF Giants are back in the World Series
Plus with Juno (partnerships) - the Moon (emotional upsurge) and Jupiter (success) all in dramatic, fiery Leo

There were lots of heroes:

Looking back at my astrologically descriptive forecast for Game Five:

First of all once again Uranus in Aries is intercepted in the first house meaning things will start fast and many hits and plays will be sudden and shocking.
Watch out for Game-Changing Errors and Errant Winds with Mercury continuing Retrograde till October 25th.

More than likely with Mercury retrograde, there will be some crucial errors.
On the other hand iwht Mars aligned with Mercury, some totally amazing plays, hit and runs, base stealing and ferocious pitching
In other words add in the Moon-Juno-Jupiter all in Leo - so expect some heroic efforts!
Before we bring in the pitchers, let's look at the chart set for the first pitch @ 5:07 PM PDT
Chart Below with Pisces rising at this time @ 22 degrees with this over the top Sabian Symbol:
"A prophet bringng down the new law from the mountain."
Time for the Giants to lay down the law?
What kind of revelations will we all experience in this super-exciting Game Five?

UPDATE: Giants 6, Cardinals 3

SF Giants win pennant on Travis Ishikawa’s walkoff homer.
One of the Heroes Tonight was Libra Travis Ishikawa (born September 24, 1983)
with an explosive natal Grand Fire Trine led by Mars-Venus in Leo aligning well with tonight's Leo Moon/Jupiter and yes Mars now out of bounds in Sagittarius - relating to extreme athletic performance.

As After Michael Morse so improbably tied Game 5 of the National League Championship Series with an eighth-inning homer off Pat Neshek, Travis Ishikawa hit a three-run homer off Michael Wacha with one out in the ninth for a 6-3 win that sent AT&T Park into a state of delirium, and the Giants to the World Series.

Here are the astrological factors that help the Giants Achieve the Third Trip to the World Series in Five Years:

Once again the chart's rulers are Jupiter (ancient ruler) and Neptune (modern ruler)
Most conducive to a blow away victory is Jupiter in the 6th. followed by Juno and Moon in the 5th.
Mainly due to positive support from Vesta and Mars both in risk-taking, bold Sagittarius both in the 9th. house adding reception.
Where as Neptune is in the 12th. house of things hidden, institutions and imagination
which doesn't have the high energy ramifications

Once again with sports astrology:
the ascendant(ASC) represents the home time and the descendant (DSC) the visiting team.
The Giants with Pisces rising have the abundance advantage with ruler Jupiter
The Cards with Virgo on the 7th house cusp (DSC) are the perfectionists who have to deal with Mercury retrograde
Yet Mercury is conjunct Venus both in Libra and intercepted in the 7th house
which can bolster communications between the players but also be a hinderance..

Now for the two ace starting pitchers: Madison Bumgarner (August 1, 1989 vs. Adam Wainright (August 30, 1981)

Undoubtedly we will see a great pitching duel..
Compare their current records:
An 18-game winner this season with a 2.98 ERA, Bumgarner figures to finish in the top five in the NL Cy Young Award balloting along with Wainwright, who won 20 for the second time while posting a 2.38 ERA.
Madison of course is 8 years younger with a potentially longer career ahead.
His style is perhaps less refined than Wainright, the elder who can also throw heat!
Below is a dual wheel chart with Wainright's natal chart in the central wheel and Bumgarner's younger natal chart on the outside ring.

Both pitchers are equally matched but Madison the younger is less experienced than Adam Wainwright
If powerful Madison can dominate with his fast ball and get lots of fielding support
Also Bumgarner is a double threat being the best hitting pitcher in baseball.
His natal Leo Stellium should burn thru the Cards.
while on the other token, it will be Wainright's Virgo Combo
that will increase perfect pitching.
Of course is Wainright's other stellium of Saturn-Jupiter-Vesta-Venus-Pluto in Libra
could mean he gets flustered if he starts getting off balance from Giants hitting.

Also in Sports Astrology - The 5th house, and 11th house (counted as 5th from the 7th) describe how they play the game.
In this case the Leo cusp for the Giants represent maybe an over-confident stance
which could be there downfall.
Ruler is the Sun now in Libra near Mercury (cooridination/reflexes) now retro. in Libra causing the game to go the way of the Cards.
In the case of the Cards,11th house (counted as 5th from the 7th) has Aquarius on the cusp
with Ruler, Uranus in that angular first house as I mentioned which has meant unexpected hits including an hit by Jay which was mishandled by Travis.

Update from the 7th inning with Chris Issac singing God Bless America with Chris Dale Johnson.
And the Cardinals Lead 3 to 2 over the Giants
Using my chart animation program we see at 7:13 PM that the Leo combo of Juno-Moon-Jupiter are now in the 4th. house which could favor the Giants.
While Capricorn is on the cusp of the 10th. house now and ruler Saturn is near Ceres in Scorpio and in the 7th so it is about how steady Wainright and the Cards can remain.

For the Giants it is all about coming back with an abrupt rally or home run. And as we know this is what occurred not just once but three times!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Blood Moon Eclipse on October 8, 2014


October 8th. 2014 - Don't worry if you are feeling a little anxious or out of sorts after this morning's Blood Moon Eclipse,
you are not alone and the remedy is patience now the Aries Moon moved Void of Course (exact @ 7:20 AM)
When Luna is Void of Course in the sign of the reactive warrior, impulsive and premature actions will only add to the problems.
Also avoid direct attacks since confrontations tend to be ineffective.
Don't forget that Mercury is both retrograde and void of course in the sign of death,rebirth, transformation and the 8th. house.
Even after Mercury goes backwards into Libra on October 10th, Saturn and Ceres will continue in the sign of extremes and secrets, Scorpio.

With an Aries Moon passing Uranus and meeting the S. Node - there will be many first time events and some of them won't be fortuitous or pleasant...
Mars which is out of bounds in Sagittarius is in a close square to Chiron the wounded healer in Pisces.

1st Ebola patient diagnosed in the US has died

DALLAS (AP) — The first Ebola patient diagnosed in the United States died Wednesday morning in a Dallas hospital, according to a hospital spokesman.

The next Eclipse is a Partial Solar Event
and also seen across much of North America, Asia, the Atantic and the Pacific
and occurs@ 1 degree Scorpio on October 23rd. @ 2:57 PM Pacfic
This next eclipse and today's Lunar Eclipse are part of a
family of eclipses or saros series aka New North when hectic and impulsive energies are brought into social situatons..

Another more doom-filled story from today involving Scorpionic themes and Ebola
connects Mars ruler of this Blood Moon in Aries in that Mars is in an "extreme/risky" place being Out of Bounds by declination in the sign of expansion, Sagittarius
and in a contra-parallel (like an opposition) to Hygeia (asteroid relating to Public Health and Illness)
CDC Suggests "Hermetically Sealed Caskets" For Ebola Victims - AKA "Fema Coffins"
Even more sinister is that this article insinuates that:
"the CDC has been expecting the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans due to infection for at least the past six years. That is a LONG period of preparation. Such preparation requires I said yesterday, any Aries Moon can be hyper, slightly chaotic with a tendency toward waxing berskerk and this one is both a Full Hunter's Moon and a Blood Moon
Even astronomically this event was considered rare:

Today's Blood Moon is part of a family of eclipses or saros series aka New North per B. Brady:
This series brings an impulsive energy to events.
Socializing becomes hectic as issues emerge that motivate the individual as much as the group maybe more.
This motivation may be concerned with financial projects, relationship issues and be intense, passionate and exciting.

October 8th. Transits for Your Edification:
Also right before the eclipse began for the West Coast, the Moon was in occultation/conjunction to Uranus (exact @ 2:52 AM)
As we know Uranus is the the planet of shocking, jolting and sudden events.
The Moon was between us and Uranus at the same elevation in the sky, an exact lineup.
Many of the shocking events and revealings will be obscurred by our emotional blindness or denial
Anything can happen now and it probably will. It’s a time for social experimentation, uproar, sudden eccentric events , and risk taking.

This afternoon on this day of shockers with the Moon separated from and occultation with Uranus
from an opposition to the Sun and Venus in always balancing Libra
and today's Pluto-Venus square (when cooperation is forced and demanded in this time of panic-epidemic

Out of Los Angeles - Breaking News:
‘Possible Ebola Patient’ Placed in Isolation at Inglewood Hospital After Arriving at LAX

Then @ 3:51 AM PDT or 6:51 AM EDT came the Super Moon and Lunar Eclipse
Also known as the Full Hunter's Moon, Blood Moon, or Sanguine Moon by Native American tribes.
Native Americans named this bright moon for obvious reasons. The atumnal leaves are falling from trees, the deer are usuallyfattened, and it’s time to begin storing up meat for the long winter ahead.
Full Moons are always turning points and critical junctures and this one is no exception with much more active and explosive aspects.

As I said the Moon and Uranus were in combustable Aries with the Moon @ 15 degrees 05 mintues with a "curious" Sabian Symbol for 16 degrees Aries:
Brightly clad brownies dancing in the warm dying light.
The image tells of the magic of dusk, reveling in nature spirits, believing in the assistance from spirit guides and a lot more..

The Sun will oppose both the Moon and Uranus and will be @ 15 degrees 05 minutes of Libra with this appropriate Sabian Symbol for 16 degrees Libra:
After a storm, a boat landing stands in need of reconstruction
This image deals with not just rebuilidng to create new opportunities but rebuilidng security after a major natural disaster.
Below is a chart set for San Jose, CA. @ 3:51 AM - where Virgo is rising and the ruler Mercury is posited in the 3rd. house of communications, transportation of all kinds from cars to airplanes, education mostly pre-college and any sort of media.
Mercury has recently stationed retrograde (Oct. 4th) in Scorpio and the Sabian Symbol for 2 degrees Scorpio is telling: "A broken bottle and spilled perfume." This image relates to concentrated emotions, desires, aromas, chemicals that are shattered and spill. A time of accidents, disappointments and outbursts. With Mercury retrograde expect lots of glitches, hacks and thievery.

Later in the morning - Venus in Libra Squares Pluto in Capricorn @ 10:31 AM
As we are seeing stressful, life or death events may occur during this challenging transit.
Also a difficult time for open talks, trust, and sharing.

Finally into the early afternoon a much more positive yet more thrilling aspect as
Mars in now OOB Sagittarius Trines Jupiter in Leo @ 1:43 PM
Time for outdoor activities, taking the initiative, risky ventures, speculations, enterprise, and quick judgments.

On another side of the Mars-Sagittarius alignment with Jupiter-Leo involves dissemination of informaton via publishing
Mars in Sagittarius and in an extreme Out of Bounds declination is about being self-rightous and telling the truth or exaggerating.
Mars in Sagittarius also relates to foreign actions and hoaxes.
Here we have German Journalist and Editor Dr. Udo Ulfkatte ha gone public with some shocking admissions.
He basically admitted what all of us who read the alternative media such as BeforeItsNews have known for a long time – the entire mainstream media is totally fake!
He went into a very detailed talk in this video and spilled the beans about everything!

Redux: Severe Weather reflects eclipse
with today's story: From Yahoo: Supertyphoon Vongfong, which rivals Haiyan on course for Japan
If you remember how in 2013, Haiyan left nearly 8,000 people dead or missing when gusts of around 300 kilometres (190 miles) per hour tore through the country, generating giant waves that swamped coastal communities.
When Haiyan made landfall on November 8, 2013 both Sun-Saturn where conjunct in Scorpio and Mercury/N. Node at that time
were opposing S. Node and Hygeia.
The chart below set for today's Blood Moon exact in Okinawa @ 7:51 PM LMT has both a Grand Cardinal Square but also a Grand Fixed Square when you add in the Ascendant in Taurus closely square Jupiter in Leo...

Severe weather and Super Typhoons reflect today's monster Blood Moon

Super Typhoon Vongfong Now World's Strongest Cyclone of 2014; Dangerous Threat to Japan This Weekend

Looking below at a chart set for the Full Moon - Lunar Eclipse in Okinawa,Japan
WOW - Taurus is rising @ 19 degrees - with this prophetic sabian symbol: A new continent is rising out of the ocean
Sounds like an Edgar Cayce prediction as this image reflects a new place, a new country and new trends like Atlantis rising out of the ocean.
Venus ruler of the chart now in Libra near the Sun is opposing Uranus and the Moon - in weather terms Venus relates to moisture - sudden and upheaval like!
Aquarius is at Mid-Heaven pointing to the ruler Uranus near the Moon and in oceanic Pisces
Juno in Leo is TSQ both Mercury in Scorpio and the Mid-Heaven and finalizes a Grand Fixed Square with a Taurus Ascendant.

Like I said: Any Aries Moon can be slightly chaotic and over-active and this one has conjunction to Uranus, the planet of shocking, jolting and sudden events.

Per Example: Watch out for accidents as we head toward the exact Blood Moon
We see with breaking news out of Canada where
Canadian Train Derailement Leads to Fiery Explosions

A major train derailment took place at 10:40am CST near Wadena in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.
Reports indicate that as many as 26 railway cars have derailed, and the train was hauling a total of 100 cars. Large explosions and massive plumes of smoke have been reported by witnesses near the scene.
Officials say the smoke pouring from the accident is toxic, and due to that concern are keeping residents several miles away from the scene for their own safety.

A chart set for 10:40am CST has Scorpio rising with Saturn and chart's ruler Mars now Out of Bounds also in the first house
Mars of course is the ruler of this explosive Aries Moon and is square Chiron
Saturn also is square Jupiter adding to major security issues.
Chart below

Parts of the USA are in the shadow of dangerous weather too as the Total Lunar Eclipse comes together
Severe Weather Forecast: Tornado Watch in Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia; Hail, Wind Threats for South, Ohio Valley
The Storm Prediction Center has issued a tornado watch valid until 11 p.m. EDT for parts of Kentucky, West Virginia, and Virginia as another round of severe storms breaks out along a frontal boundary.
Some of the cities included in the watch are Lexington, Kentucky, and areas west of Charleston, West Virginia. See below for the current map showing the watch and active warnings with a radar overlay.
Severe weather broke out in parts of Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia Monday afternoon and evening, producing hail up to the size of hen eggs and damaging some homes in Georgia. A pair of EF1 tornadoes have been confirmed, one in Ringgold, Georgia, the other near Agee Ridge, Kentucky.

Aligned with the Total Lunar Eclipse and Cardinal Grand Cross a Powerful Magnitude 7.1 Quake and aftershocks

Per USGS: Major 7.1 Magnitude Quake hits near the Southern East Pacific Rise
Magnitude 4.8 quake strikes Southern East Pacific Rise
2014-10-09 03:48:56 UTC10.0 km deep
Magnitude 5.2 quake strikes Southern East Pacific Rise
2014-10-09 03:19:38 UTC15.4 km deep
Magnitude 6.6 quake strikes Southern East Pacific Rise
2014-10-09 02:32:08 UTC10.0 km deep

Initial reading: